Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Song Bird Scraps lay-outs

These are the LO's I made for the Song Bird Scraps DT call:

The only thing I could think of when I saw the lyrics we should get our inspiration from, was: "This is so true, and I so need to handle this better, I need to look at the glass as being half full". So I decided that would be the theme of my LO. I really wanted this LO to have somewhat of a funky look. I'm still experimenting with this style, and I would like it to be a bit more of a mess, even when trying to be funky I can't seem to get away from straight lines or some sort of balance and structure. I would love to be able to just shake that off, but I guess that will take some time and a little bit more self-confidence!

Now I have to admit this design isn't all mine ... I've seen this design of the sun coming up through the buildings done several times before by others, and I stuck in my head. It's also very similar to the banner of the challenge site "scrap the boys", where they had a challenge doing a LO inspired by this banner, so I guess that's how the idea got into my head in the first place.

I've been wanting to scrap this picture as soon as I saw this developped ... I just look the look of love on Kurt's face here ... I guess he really does love me huh!!
The photo was of poor quality, and I did some editing in PSE before printing it, which is why it is so bright. I wanted a mix of romance and playfulness for this LO, and I like the result. Though it's probably not the best LO I ever made, I love what it stands for and how it makes me feel.

Talk to you later!!
xxx Peggy


  1. Peggy, I LOVE this picture of the 2 of you!! And you did a wonderful job scrapping it. ;)

    By the way, I tried to comment on your 365 post and it wouldn't load for some reason. So I'll just say right here that those pages are AWESOME!!! I love the idea that you're doing a layout per day. Beautiful job, my friend!

    - April

  2. great lo's. I really like the half full one and how you have the glasses.. they look like they are in windows.

  3. This is so wonderful! Such a great designed lo. I love your recent work!

  4. Wow Peggy!!!
    You are certainly developing into one talented scrapper!
    Congrats girl!!
    Awesome work!