Monday, March 16, 2009

Project 365 pages (8x8)

Journal page January 8th & 9th

For the background of these pages, I started out with plain white paper on which I stamped some Tim Holtz Swirls in a light colour distress ink. By later adding other colours of distress inks, the swirls grew darker, which gives a really cool effect.
I then used several distress inks to give my journaling paper an aged look, distressed the edges with my scissors, added my pics, and that was it. These were really quick pages, which I'll have to do more of if I ever want to get caught up with this project.

Journaling 8th:
For a very long time I haven't been able to take many pics of Yannis. Everytime me and my camera got near him, he looked or turned away. He really hated me always wanting to take his picture. About a year ago I started scrapping, and he began to wonder why I made so many LO's of the girls and so little of him. I guess that when I explained to him that this was because I didn't have all that many pics of him since he refused to be photographed, he decided to change his ways. Now he's yelling all the time: "Mom, take my picture" ... a new model in the making!

Journaling 9th:
This unlikely combination was thought up when I went to visit bonny (my grandmother) unexpectedly. Of course she insisted on giving me something warm to eat, and she gathered together some of the things she had lying about...
Fish-sticks, mashed potatoes, pees and a scrambled egg, at first sight un unlikely combination, but it's really very tasty! That tasty, that I am now making that same combination for my kids, and they too find it yummy!

Journal page January 11th

For the background of this page I again started out with a plain white paper on which I stamped red dots. I made the title with foam stamps and black acrylic paint.
A very simple page which possibly needs some more dressing up, so I'll be using this background again for another day in my journal, but adding some extra paints or something like that. I don't think all of the project pages have to be all that difficult, I kinda like this simple one too...

No journaling on this one, everything is said on the bill (lower picture) I received ... my girl being accepted to finish her term in the tumbling group, which means they feel she has improved since the beginning of September and that they see potential in her ... this deserves a bravo, don't you think?

Journal page January 12th: Morning ritual

It seems like I'm going from simple to even more simple as we go along LOL. For this one, I simply drew a frame with different colouring pens. I still like it, though my preference goes out to other styles.

Unlike me, Kurt really has a bad mood in the mornings, and he's better left alone until after he has smoked his first cigarette and has had his first cup of coffee...

Journal page March 2nd

I decided to go ahead and do the pages of March, trying to keep this month caught up, while doing the previous ones in between ... a good plan, but it's not working, so far I've only done one LOL. I've got a lot of ideas, lots of pictures, but I just can't seem to find the time ... ah well, I'm not panicking yet ... should I LOL???
I had the most fun doing this page, and this is definitely something I'll be trying again. I've been looking at art journal pages on several gorgeous blogs, and I would love to be able to just let go and create similar pages ... I think this page went well for my first try, I'm really happy with it and I can't wait to take out my paints, brushes and get started again.

High time to do something about my weight!!!
Today I went to the gym for the first time. My mom couldn't go anymore due to the medicine she's taking now after her mastectomy, and she signed over her gym card to me. I would never have started this (expensive) hobby myself, out of fear of not being able to keep at it. However, it was a gift, so I feel I should embrace this opportunity, especially after having been on the scales this morning... It was a lot more fun than I had expected.

That's it for now, I'm hoping to make some more journal pages tomorrow, I'm planning to take a day off from housework and spend the whole day scrapping ... sounds good doesn't it!!

Thanks for looking!
xxx Peggy


  1. Hi Peggy, WOW you have done some amzing pages over the last month, I loved looking through them all. YOU ROCK!!

  2. Some impressive work! I'm amazed at how much you have done. I'm not that fast...LOL! Hope you have a great day scrapping!

  3. Amai, je hebt precies ook niet stilgezeten. Prachtige lay-outs heb je gemaakt hoor.
    En deze met het eten op vond ik goed, ik kreeg hier direct honger.

  4. Wow, what you do with stamps and distressing inks is fantastic! Really superb! Did you draw the woman in the swimsuit? It is such a cute page!

  5. awesome work!!!

    I know my LO's get cut off :( I'm always too lazy to resize them. I noticed you have my blog linked to yours and wanted to say Thanks. it's a huge honor!

    (IDK if you noticed or not but I resized my latest LO. LOL)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  6. WOw Peggy - again some awesome work!!! Love your printed pages - they look fantastic - just like out of a magazine!!
    Congrats on embracing the gym!!! Thats fantastic!!

  7. Oh I liked your stamped PP. I cant get distressing to work. I just dont get it. lol