Saturday, March 7, 2009

Song Bird Scraps March Challenge

Every-day-life has been keeping me busy and has gotten totally in the way of my scrapping life, don't you just hate it when that happens! Anyway, it's Saturday, the kids are couching in front of the TV, which is a shame, because it's a nice day today here, they should be playing outside, but I'm fine with it, because it's giving me some well needed me-time.

I finally started the (long overdue) battle against my (over)weight, and I joined a gym. To get some results, I have to go three times a week, which I have done this last week. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised how time-consuming this would be. I'm struggling to get everything done around the house and to keep the kids happy, and there hasn't been any time left to do the things I love, like scrapping, surfing the net and commenting on my friends' LO's, and I miss it! But I'm just like that, once a change comes along, it takes me a while to get into a new routine, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

Anyway, exercising and doing something about my weight is too important and it has to be dealt with, I've postponed this for too long already. And I'm getting some early results already, so I'm happy about that.

Enough wined, it's high time I showed you my LO for the Song Bird Scraps. Check out the lyrics for the March Challenge and try to play along!

It's kind of strange, because this LO turned out exactly like I had envisioned it in my head, but I don't like it all that much, I think it's one of my least favorite I have done so far. Normally I start without a clear picture in my head, I just work on it as I go along, and usually I'm pretty happy with the result, so this is kind of worrying to me. It has actually refrained me from trying another LO, I've kind of lost my confidence and I'm trying hard to overcome this.

Anyway, I'll tell you a bit more about this LO.

I cut the photos to a square size, outlined the edges with a black marker, and matted them on a piece of black cardstock.

For the background I wanted a big pink heart, but with some texture. I think crackle paint would have looked great, but since I don't have that, I glued tissue paper to some light cardboard (cereals' packaging) and painted over it with watercolour paint. I glued it to the background paper and added some black stitches just for fun.

I searched for an image of cupid on the net, printed it out and cut it out with my scissors and cutting knife.

For the little hearts I used plain cardboard from cereals' packaging again, which I covered (twice) with blue stickles.

I then added the title, which I wrote on white cardstock, coloured in with regular colouring markers and cut out with scissors and a craft knife, together with the lyrics from the Song Bird Scraps March Challenge, which I thought were perfect for this picture. After 18 years of being together with my husband, I still feel it's alright!

It still looked a bit unfinished to me, so I glued pink hobby rope around the outer edges and stitched around them with black yarn. This is the same 3D-stitching technique I used on my previous LO. Though it adds the perfect finishing touch to a LO (it really is a pretty frame), I think in this case the pink is a bit too overwhelming. I'm still thinking about cutting it off and adhering the then smaller LO on plain black cardstock, what do you think? Let me know, please, I so would appreciate your thoughts about this!

Well, that's it as far as this LO is concerned. I did finally work on some pages for my project 365. I'm so far behind on that project, but I so desperately want to keep doing this. So this time I've been working on the pages of this week in stead of those of ... don't laugh ... January (told you I was soooooo far behind LOL), and I'm hoping to be able to post them tomorrow.

Finally I wanted to thank Lynn and Aimee for checking up on me, it's a nice feeling to know you're being missed, thanks my friends!



  1. OH YES!!!! You have been missed. Love the layout - it gives me great inspiration but your thoughts on exercise and weight loss - is so inspiring too! It needs to be focused on in my families life too!

  2. :D
    Peggy, Oh the weight loss thing.. keeps us on our toes eh?? Keep at it! I love your recent lo! It has a great flow to it! lovin all the stitching! The pics are just wonderful & the different size hearts are just rising from the arrow to the photos! I think you did great! Take care!

  3. we all have bad kreative days...where you step back from a project shrieaking in horror! if i let that stop me, i would have stopped this a long time ago! get back on that horse, babe!!!!

  4. Ooooh yeah - I hear you girl!! I hate when life gets in the way of scrapping! Glad to here you are doing something for yourself and getting to a gym - its fab!!!
    Loving that LO!! Gorgeous!!!

  5. Oh I love that layout and the big oversized heart! We are always our biggest critics, unfortunately! Best of luck with the weight loss, I need to get going on that myself!

  6. Your are very welcome, Peggy! You are too sweet! I really like your LO! I'm not sure what you want to cut but I like the heart, it coordinates well with the blue title and I really like the BG paper, it gives your LO that extra UMPH! That's a good thing! LOL
    Take care, good luck at the gym. You've got more motivation than I do! I will chat with you soon at