Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are you sure? (April Scrap the Girls Challenge)

Happy Saturday my blogging friends!

I finished this latest LO for the April Challenge over at Scrap the Girls.

Christina decided one day she wanted to have her ears pierced. Chloë, her older sister, had her ears pierced a while before, but Christina chickened out then ... I have to tell you, she's not good with pain, and I do mean any pain, big or small ... even the thought of pain is known to have triggered panic attacks ... well, all this to say we were pretty surprised when she asked for earrings! Giving what I just told you, I must have asked 10 times if she was really sure she wanted to do this (hence the title "Ben je zeker", which means "Are you sure?", and ... she was! So off to the store we went, and she was soooo confident, she had made up her mind not to cry and to totally go for it, as you can see in the first two pictures. The only thing the lady had used by then was something to desinfect her ears and a marker to pinpoint where to "shoot". Now I soooo totally love that third picture LOL, this is her expression when she first saw the tool they were going to use to actually make the holes. I was so sure she was going to back down by then, but she persevered ... The fourth picture was a lucky shot, I took it just as they were applying pressure ... can you tell she's totally regretting her decision by then LOL. Good thing they do both sides at the same time now, otherwise I'm sure she would have been walking around with just one earring LOL. Well, no need to explain the last picture I guess, this was the final result ... she let out a horrible scream and started crying uncontrollably. This lasted at least 10 minutes, and the after-crying (I don't know the english expression for that) lasted another 20. Don't worry, by then I had put down my camera to comfort her LOL. The lady in the shop must have thought I was the worst mother ever, taking pics of my little one like that LOL. Still, I'm so glad I took these pics. Mind you, Christina wasn't all that thrilled about me putting them on the net LOL.

The journaling reads, from left to right:
* Don't worry, I want this
* I'm sure!
* Oh my, are they going to use that device on me?
* Help!!!! They are pressing that thing onto my ears!
* Awwwww, I'm sure I so didn't want THIS!

Like I said, this is a very simple LO to make. I went for a simple horizontal design, because I really wanted to emphasize the sequence of the photos. I sanded the pics and double matted them. I distressed all the papers (I'm not sure but I think they were "My Mind's Eye") with my scissors and inked them with Ranger's Walnut Stain distress ink, and added some stitches to give the whole some texture. For the same reason, I pop-dotted some of the journaling circles. The alphas are American Thickers.

Thanks for looking!
Hugs xxx Peggy


  1. hoi peggy

    leuke lo geworden, en heeft ze er spijt van gehad dat ze oorbellen heeft genomen?ik weet wel dat ik op het moment van het nemen van een 2de gaatje ik mezelf wel heb vervloekt. ( heb hele gevoelige oren, dus had er erg veel last van )


  2. Oh Peggy what a wonderful LO!!! I love all the expressions on her face!!!! I took my daughter when she was 3 and my Mom ran into another store while we were having it done!!! I was so lucky because Danielle really had no idea what she was in for!!!! I too was so thankful that they did both ears at the same time, because we too would have had only one ear pierced!!! What a wonderful LO to document this huge decision!!! I just adore your work and thanks for sharing with us!!! I would also like to thank you for your wonderful comments on my Blog!!!! I so look forward to seeing you pop up on my Blog!!! Have a wonderful weeekend, sweet friend!!!!

  3. Peggy, this is such a beautiful layout, I can not believe you hand stiched all that (great patience) I too am the mom that carried her camera's everywhere and people must think I am crazy but at the end of the day it's ok because I have pictures that captured moments that our girl will treasure when they are grown. Have a wonderful weekend and tell Christine "thumbs up for being such a trooper"

  4. I totally adore this, peggy! I love how you used the photo strip to tell the story, and the circles describing each photo are perfect! What a cutie pie!!

  5. this is great Peggy love the pics.

  6. Oh Peggy, wat een geweldige layout!! Maar ook zoooo zielig... haha. Maar super van je dat je foto's gemaakt hebt, dit moment kom nooit meer terug!!
    Ik wens je een fijn weekend!!

  7. Love this layout. That stitching is pretty awesome.

  8. But what a memory captured!!!! Like FOREVER!!!

    I couldnt do it!! I couldnt take my girls to get their ears pierced!! I got my brother to take them!!!!! He had to perservere with Hannah in the same fashion!!!!
    Thank goodness I wasnt there!

    One day Peggy, she will laugh about all this!

  9. Awwwww! What a great story to capture! And you did it in such a cute/sweet way! Good thing I wasn't there, I would have VERY inappropriately giggled at the thought of how quickly the threat of pain can change someone's! Is she glad she suffered through it or is she living with regret? I truly hope she thought it was worth it!

    My daughter hates needles. But she found a way to overcome the fear. She has a few too many piercings for my tastes...a couple in each ear, a teeny tiny one in her nose and of course her belly button. I cringe when I think about it. But I grin and bear it! Luckily for you, sounds like Christina will stop with the single ear! Hope you have a fantastic week, my friend! HUGS!!!

  10. Thanks for popping by my blog Peggy and the lovely comments on my Maybe page. The background on it is from Basic Grey.

  11. Peggy- thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I;m so glad you decided to leave me a comment. I look forward to getting to know you better. I love this community of scrapbooking blogs and the possibility of having friends all over the world! See you soon!!!

  12. Love the series of photos you captured here, Peggy! I hope you don't think I am mean but I had to laugh at the expressions you captured! ;)

    btw- I can the after-crying - sniffing ;)

  13. i'm all nuts about your circles. ;o)

  14. HAH...that is hilarious!! I remember doing that when I got mine ears pierced!! Hope you are well. So glad you got your stash so quickly...I thought it would take forever. Still waiting to see your songbirds layout - cant wait.

  15. This is so cute....the photo's are adorable.....reminds me of when Meagan got her ear's pierced last summer.....I asked them to do both at the same time, but the other girl didn't time it right!! You should have seen her face.....she soooo did not want to do the second ear!....but she held my hands and finally got up the cute you got these photos!

    ~Gabi xx