Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aussie Scrapjacked Young Scrapper

Hi my friends,

This post is a very special one for Christina, my youngest daughter. She decided to play along with the Aussie Scrapjacked Challenge for young scrappers, which was to jack a LO by the wonderful Ruby Bisson. Here's her entry:

Not bad for a 7-year old huh? She did it all by herself. All my suggestions were politely listened too and then discarded LOL, and I couldn't be more proud of her!
Notice that gorgeous concentrated look on her face:

Now I know that she would loooooove to receive some comments, so if you would have a minute to write a little something, I would be so grateful! Thanks!

Love xxx Peggy


  1. Christina! This is an amazing layout!! I love your use of paint to accent the photos and the stitching in the corners!

    You must be following in your mom's footsteps - a good place to be! You should be very proud of your work! :) I am so glad your mom shared it with us.

    Wonderful photos, Peggy - look at how serious she is about her art! My dd is the same way. :)

  2. Wow!!! Christina, you are an amazing scrapper for sure girl...awesome job!! I can imagine how proud your mom is of you... :)
    - April

  3. Well Done Christina!! Very Clever!

  4. Wat leuk dat je dochter even creatief is als jij !!! Prachtige layout, ik vind het heel leuk dat ze er op geschilder heeft !!

    Christina, prachtig gemaakt, en ik denk dat je er veel plezier aan gehad heb. Laat je ons weten hoe het verloopt met je deelname bij de Aussies?

    En ik hoop dat je de smaak te pakken hebt en we nog veel layouts van je mogen zien !!

  5. Ooo cool! I love the paint job! Great job!!!

  6. Wat heb je dat superleuk gedaan, Christina!!!
    Leuk, zo met die oranje verf, lekker vrolijk. En wat een goed idee om die foto van jezelf zo uit te knippen! Het is echt een hele mooie layout geworden!
    En nu maar duimen dat je gaat winnen, he!
    Groetjes, ook aan je mama.

  7. Oooh my gooosh Christina, your LO is just toooo FAB!!!!!!!!

    Oooh Penny no wonder you are proud!!!!

    Cheers and keep it up!!!!

    Lou [ASJ] :) xx

  8. Wow that is one great page there Christina. Love it. Thanks ever so much for playing alongwith us at ASJ.

  9. Wow, did such a wonderful job with this LO!!!! I love the colors that you used!!!! I know that your MOM is so very proud of you and please continue to do more LO's so that we can see them!!!!! Have a wonderful day.......and keep smiling!!!!

  10. Wow, christina, you are only 7 and you created that?! You are one talented girl!!! I love it!

  11. Christina youre an awesome scrapbooker, wow! Love your page!

  12. Hi Christina! I am a big fan of your mom's scrapping talents and NOW I am just as big a fan of yours! You did a wonderful job on this layout! I love the colors and the painting technique is fantastic! It really makes the photos pop off the page. Keep creating, my dear. And have your mom post more of your wonderful creations! XOXO

    And to you, Ms. Wonder MOM! You have taught your daughter well, my friend! I know how proud you must be. And I absolutely love the photos you took of her working...priceless! ***HUGS*** to you both!

  13. WOW Christina-this is a fantastic LO-is it your first? whatever, I hope you keep scrapping!!

  14. That's such a cool LO Christina! Love the paint effect! Well done!
    My daughter Rhiannon entered one as well, so I'll pop back later and show her yours! :) :)

  15. Very clever and I love the intense thought on her face. Doesnt it make you proud.

    I love the new blog look too.

  16. hallo, leuke blog, kwam je profiel tegen op sistv.
    Groeten, Evelien:-)

  17. i don't know HOW i missed commenting last week! christina, that layout looks better than some i do...and i've been doing this since before you were old jokes...i'm trying to compliment you here!!! peggy, i LOVE you, girl! by all means, pm me at with your address...i did keep the envelope but just to make sure. let me make you laugh about postal workers: i've been one for almost FOURTEEN years!!!! i PROMISE i'm not like the ones you described!!! when you pm me, we'll discuss how you can send me some pix for that "original"!!!

  18. Thanks for the vote of confidence for the Forward Progress Now blog. I'm a bit nervous...not sure what I will be doing exactly. But, as always, I'll just be me and roll with it! LOL!

    I LOVED your response to my post today. I feel I am EXACTLY like you. I think we could be soul sisters. I too can draw most things as long as I have something to look at. Of course, I think my talent falls short of yours, but nonetheless, I can do it. I have spent so many years striving for "perfection", the kind that I feel others have reached. But now, I only work toward being the best me I can be. Because no matter my achievement, there will always, always be someone who can do it better. And that is a good thing because it means that for everything I do, someone may be better than me, but in turn I can do it better than someone else. KWIM? That's why these blogs are so awesome. We can all share and learn and grow in the process.

    You are one talented, incredibly awesome lady who provides constant inspiration. Don't ever forget that. I LOVE YOU dearly!

    P.S. My eyes popped out of my head when I read your comment about the Forward Progress Now blog. I thought I was receiving updates to the blog, but I guess I was wrong. I had no idea Ellen had posted that. I guess it is now official, huh?

  19. Thanks for popping by my blog Missy Peggy. You will have to wait like everyone else to know what my news

    I posted your parcel yesterday too.

  20. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the artistic look of this page Christina!! The dry brushing with the paint gives such a lovely effect! I have to say she also looks like a nice 'neat' worker!! Well done!!!!

    ~Gabi xx

  21. WOW Christina!! What a fantastic LO and gorgeous pics!!

    Peggy you must be so proud of creative!
    Thanks so much for your wonderful words on Lets Get Shabby!
    You are such a lovely person!! xx

  22. zo wat is ze geconcentreedr bezig! leuk geworden hor meid je gagina! je mag er super trots op zijn!


  23. Christina I wanted to let you know how much I loved your first page. I love the color and the stitching. I hope you will play along with us on The Next Step Challenge. This month is altering paper and I can tell that you would be good at that. Next month our challenge will be something that you know how to do also. My daughter started scrapping with me about your age. She is not 25 and still scrapbooks. You will have great memomories as you grow up.

    Have fun!!! Gayle
    The Next Step Challenge

  24. Beautiful page Christina, you are the next Ruby Bisson and the scrapbook world needs to get ready for you! May you always love this art. Have a wonderful week :)

  25. Hey Christiana I know that it is a bitt late, but I wanted to let you know that I totally loved your New Lo. Wow you are a very talented young girl! In fact your Lo. was better than my first! My hat gose off to you lil lady! You ROCK! Keep at it you definately have a great future with this scrapping thing:). TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! GOD BLESS!