Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gutter Girlz/Ad This and Songbird Scraps


I should be outside... the sun is shining, I really should mow the lawn and pull out some (very stubborn) weeds, but ... I don't feel like it hehe. I've been longing for some sun for days now, and now that she's finally paying us a long overdue visit (which is predicted not to last very long), I'm here, behind my pc, looking at your beautiful blogs and feeling a need, an urge to scrap. Sounds familiar to anyone???

This is the LO I made yesterday, and I did manage to do some cleaning as well, so I'm feeling incredibly proud of myself today LOL.

After the rather "childish" LO I made previously (a style which I like as well, don't get me wrong!), I really wanted to create something funky, and what better sites to visit when you want funkyness than Gutter Girlz and Ad This!

The Prompt #25 over at Gutter Girlz was the song "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks and the specified technique was "black". I think I got that covered.

For the challenge over at Ad This we had to use 5 diffferent mediums. I used distress inks (1), black acrylic paint (2), black felt (3), ribbon (4) and puffy stickers by Making Memories (5) ... got those covered as well!

I was also inspired by the latest technique over at The Next Step, which is to alter your patterned paper. However, as I started out with plain white cardstock, I don't think I can enter this one for their challenge. I you haven't visited their blog yet, go and check it out. The wonderful ladies over there highlight a new technique every month, and update the blog weekly with new tips and variations on that technique. I love that site!

Usually distress inks are used to give a distressed look (doh!!!) to the pages, but since I don't own any funky-coloured paints, and I didn't feel like mixing them up, I decided to find out if the distress inks would work for a funky look as well ... and I think it worked surprisingly well! I started out by printing and cutting out different words to be used as masks and reverse masks. I used following distress inks all over the page: Broken China, Fired Brick, Mustard Seed and Peeled Paint. The black shade visible around the word "Saint" is due to the ink of my printer, so watch out for that. In this case it worked out fine because I wanted a lot of black on my LO, but I can imagine in other circumstances I wouldn't have been at all happy with this unexpected effect! However, this didn't happen with the words "mother" and "lover" ... I have no idea why not?? Oh yes, I also randomly applied some masking tape over the page, just to add some extra visual interest.

I immediately knew which papers I wanted to use, which is rare for me. Usually I spend hours contemplating what papers and other embellies to use, but this LO just seemed to make itself. I didn't think, I just grabbed what I wanted and adhered it to the page. Anyway, I tore the papers, inked the edges with black soot distress ink and curled their edges. I then used mesh as a mask for my black acrylic paint around the edges of the background. After that, all I needed to do was add my pics and some embellies and stitch on the ribbons. That's it really, I don't think I've ever completed a LO so quickly before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The new songs are up over at Songbird Scraps. I do hope you'll join us this month. This is my DT example:

This is a song about how releaved we are that our kids have switched over from children's songs (although that period of time certainly had it's charm as well) to "regular" songs. This LO features my youngest daughter Christina who's constantly singing along with the songs on her mp3, and who shares my kind of music, thank goodness. My other two children favor their father's music and let me tell you, my music and his are not compatible LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Again I was inpired by "The Next Step" to alter my pp ... I drew and coloured the stars, and also coloured parts of the journaling. Thanks for that tip Bethany, it made a huge difference to the overall look of the page!!!
To mimic CD's I simply cut out some circles and painted them with silver dabber paint by Ranger.

Okay, does it show that I'm home alone (my husband's at work), that my kids are playing by themselves and that I desperately want someone to talk to LOL???????? Still, I'm not finished talking ... I want to share a funny story with you:
Remember that post in which I told you we planned on going to the "Efteling" (a theme park), and we turned back home because of a traffic jam ... well, two days laters we got up real early and this time arrived at that same theme park even before opening time. Anyway, we were standing in line waiting to go on our first attraction of the day, when Chloë said: "oh, if I had fairy godparents (she's a big fan of "Fairly Odd Parents") I'd wish it was our turn already" ... and then she put up her finger and added "oh yes ... and world peace of course" ... haha, this cracked me up.

Talk to you later my sweet friends
Big hugs xxx Peggy


  1. OH Peggy you are so talented my sweet friend!!!! I have been sitting here going over every little detail and you amaze!!! When I grow up..I want to be just like YOU!!!! How awesome that you altered the papers, I love the Next Step and you did them justice!!!!! We have had nothing but rain and what I would give for a peak of sunshine!!! Love that you share pieces of your life with us....I feel so connected to you!!!! Keep creating and let the weeds, just grow a little bit more!!!! Have a Super Duper wonderful lady!!!! :)

  2. Peggy, wat een GEWELDIGE layout, die je voor Ad This (ZO leuk dat je meedoet!!!!) en voor Gutter Girlz hebt gemaakt!! WOW, je blijft er naar kijken!! En die over je dochter is ook helemaal toppie!!! Okay, jij doet met 'mijn' challenge-blog mee, doe ik met die van jou mee!!
    Ik ben je vraag over You Tube niet vergeten hoor. Ga hem zo snel mogelijk beantwoorden!!
    Wil je nog wel even laten weten dat ik vandaag 1 pakje van OLW heb ontvangen!! En jij??
    Wil je me trouwens even je email-adres sturen? Is wat makkelijker voor wat langere berichtjes.
    Groetjes en een fijne dag nog verder!

  3. AWESOME pages girl!! I really love the one with the pictures of Christina dancing all around... ;)

    I'm glad to hear you guys finally made it to the theme park...I hope you had a wonderful time! And how adorable is Chloë, lol?? Too cute...

    - April

  4. HOW FREAKING COOL!! I love what you did. Thanks so much for linking us!!

  5. This is fabulous, Peggy!! Of course you can enter it for The Next Step! You created an incredible background - I love the inking and masking!! One of my samples started with cardstock, too. ;)

    And the 'favorite songs' is adorable!! I love how you colored in parts of the paper! And that story about Chloe!! LOL so funny!! :)

    Great song for inspiration! You represented it perfectly!

  6. totally LOVE all your layering ANDI'm a ball trim junkie so that is extra bonus for me! Thanks for gettin in the gutter!

  7. Your LO is Amazeballs! Love how you used all the distress inks. Thanks for playing.

  8. Both of these are beautiful Peggy! I always love how you describe your techniques too. Thanks for rolling in the gutter with us!

  9. Wow! Very, very cool page! Love your take on the Gutter Girlz prompt! Thanks for playing along!

  10. These are great pages Peggy. Thanks for playing along with us at AD this. Love what your said at the fun park. lol

  11. So many lovely details to see and be inspired by! The layouts are beautiful Peggy!

  12. I hope you dont get this comment twice.

    Feel free to use the title or anything that inspires you from my little blog. I hope to inspire someone with my rambling and scrap attempts.

  13. Both are awesome peggy!!! love love love them!!!


  14. I just love both your layouts, peggy!! I especially love the rawness and honesty of that first one - those are my favorite kind of LOs! Hope you got to enjoy that sun at some point ;-)

  15. Beautiful I just love all the layering!!
    Thanks for hanging in the gutter with us!!

  16. ♥ that LO! So cool... :-)

  17. Wat een prachtige lay-outs! Die van je dochter vind ik echt super! En de andere misschien nog wel mooier! Zo leuk bedacht met die gekleurde foto's en de tekst uit het liedje! En lekker los gemaakt. Soms gaat het zo gemakkelijk en maak je de mooiste dingen in no-time.


  18. oh I so love all the colors

  19. WOW Peggy! These layouts are amazing! Of course I expect nothing less when I visit you! You have that cutting edge raw talent that produces pure works of art! You go beyond basic paper, glue and scissors and push all the boundaries! I LOVE IT!

    Which leads me to my next comment. I've been thinking alot about your comment about Forward Progress. First, I have to say I hate you feel "goal less". LOL! But I know you well enough to know that isn't really the case. From your posts here and your comments on my blog, I know you are always striving to be a better you...and that, my friend, is the point of it all!

    I've had so many ideas come to mind for your art journal. They are nothing more that random thoughts, but I always believe that's where you start. Brain storming every possibility and you eventually get where you want to go. KWIM? One idea that just came to mind at lunch was the lyrics to a song. Now don't hate me for the song choice, but it was on the radio and I could help thinking of a LO I would do with the lyrics. Then I thought of you. OK, so the song is Miley Cyrus' (don't cringe) "The Climb". Have you heard it? Hear is a link for the lyrics.

    The reason I thought you could explore these lyrics is that they talk of always moving forward...not worrying with how long it takes to get there, not worrying about the end result, but making it all about "the climb". We are all climbing mountains every day. Thus, your art journal is about your climb in your life...your journey. A most awesome, challenging, but beautiful journey.

    I know this is quite lengthy. I would love to continue discussing this with you. Love to know what you think. Here is my email so you don't have to go through blogger.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend...a weekend full of sunshine! :)

  20. WOW - love the techniques you've used!!!
    These are gorgeous Peggy!!!

    Wow wow wow!!

  21. Absolutely beautiful, Peggy!! Love the special effect of the pictures on the first layout! And the layering is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Hi peggy.... thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment about my "surf's up" LO... have been checking out some of your creations... lovin them too..awesome!!!!

  23. your layouts are stunning!!! so creative!!!! :) can't wait to see more.


  24. Just popping in to give you a big {{{{{hug}}}}} you are an incredible friend....and thankyou mwah!

  25. wow ! what a fierce layout ! for the Guttergilrz ! lol love how you move between styles , Peggy 1

    awesome work !

  26. I always love your work... You know that. she is growing up so beautifully! Hey there Peggy how is everyone? Hope all is well. TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! god bless!

  27. Je lay-outs zijn zeer mooi!
    Veel succes nog met het scrappen..
    Gr Charlot

  28. Once again Peggy, you take The Next Step technique and totally make it your own. I love how you do that. Wonderful work. Thanks for playing along!

  29. how awesome is that! That first page looks like so much fun!! I wanna play now!