Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aussie Scrapjacked July Challenge

This is a very important post for my 8-year old daughter Chloë ... she entered her very first challenge!

Her little sis Christina made a LO a while back for Aussie Scrapjack, and received a lot of comments from you lovely ladies, and each and every comment put a huge smile on her face. This smile got even more enthousiastic when she received a package from Australia with gorgeous kiddie scrap stuff (and some flowers I wanted to steal but she won't let me!!! LOL)

Anyway, Chloë of course was disappointed she hadn't finished her LO (though she had started on one), and was determined to play along this month. She had finished it a couple of weeks ago, but I had forgotten all about it. Luckily I found it today, the last day to enter - pfewww - I would have been in trouble otherwise!!!

Here it is:

Chloë is the one on the right, and the girl on the left is her best friend.
Her journaling: You are my very best friend. I met you in the second grade. We were friends from the very first day.

It came out pretty close to the LO she had to lift, so I think she did a great job. Can you tell she wasn't allowed to use one of her sister's flowers either?? And I don't have any, and she didn't feel like making one herself (though I did offer to teach her ... aaah kids!!!!), so she simply drew one LOL.

Up till now, I haven't allowed my girls to use any of my good stuff, because they tend to start drawing on the pages and stick everything to the page without thinking about it first. I don't understand why a page has to be finished within the hour, do you??? But, seeing as they both pretty much followed the example they had to lift, I guess I might let them use a few (selected) things ... I'll let you know how that works out LOL!

Here's Chloë working on her LO.

My friends, I'll hope you'll do me favour and write a little comment for my sweet girl. I want to see that same proud smile on her face as well! Thanks in advance, you're the best!

Love xxx Peggy


  1. Chloe- I hear that you worked on this layout for quite a while. Your hard work sure paid off! That is a great photo of you and your best friend. I like your flower that you drew and your journaling. It is important to remember things like this. I love your lo and hope to see you create many more!

  2. Oh, Chloe!! What a wonderful layout! I simply cannot believe it is your first challenge! Good luck and I love your hand drawn flowers!

  3. You have done a great job Chloe!!!! I love the little flower you drew. If mummy cant spare any flowers next time here is a little idea for your page. If you cut some flower shapes out of a newspaper and put one on top of the other to layer them. The newspaper gives an interesting pattern. Glue a little button in the middle and Voila!!! Cant wait to see what you have to show us next time. =D

  4. Chloe, sweet LO is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You have done such a great job on your LO and love the flower that you drew!!!!What a great LO for your first Challenge!!! I am a real fan!!!! If your Mommy sends me your address....I can send you some goodies for your next challenge!!!!! Have a smiley day!!! :)

  5. Hallo Chloe (wat een mooie naam is dat, zeg!), Ik ben helemaal ondersteboven van die prachtige layout die je gemaakt hebt! Mooie kleuren en schitterende bloem! Maar wat ik helemaal prachtig vind, is je jurk die je op de foto aan hebt! Je lijkt sprekend op Sneeuwwitje! Of is het Assepoester? In ieder geval zie je er uit als een echte sprookjesprinses.
    Ik hoop dat je, net zoals je moeder, altijd heel veel plezier zult blijven hebben bij het scrappen!
    Lieve groetjes, Jenneke

  6. For Chloe:

    I think your page is beautiful. Great job on your first challenge. I love your flower too. Way to go.

  7. For Mommy:

    I totally understand, my son loves to play with my stuff too. I usually take a few scrap pieces and cut them into shapes for him.

  8. Chloë, you did an awesome job sweetie!! I know how proud your mama is that both of her girls have taken after her and become amazing little scrappers. I can't wait to see more of your pages! :)
    - April

    P.S. Peggy...each time I purge supplies, I take some out and put them into Emily's scrap box, which I made for her at the beginning of the year. That way, she can use "good" stuff, but since it's stuff I no longer wanted or needed, I don't mind, lol! ;)

  9. Oooh Peggy please tell Chloe that her LO is just glorious and I Loove IT! :)

    IT MAKES ME SOOO happy she jacked along with us, please thank her :) :) :)

    Louise X

  10. gorgeous goregeous gorgeous!!!

    what talented children!!

    obviously takes after their wonderful mother!!!

  11. Chloe your page is stunning, you are a future scrapbooking star in the making my dear. I love how you drew your own flower...way to go!
    Good luck on the challenge

    Peggy, my hat goes off to you for introducing your girls to this wonderful craft. I feel ya on the "letting them use your stash" our 5 1/2 year old daughters always wants to get her little fingers in my stash too :)

    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  12. CHLOE! This layout so ROCKS!!!! I can really tell that you thought it out and had FUN with it! That's what it is all about! GREAT JOB!!!!

    P.S. Yes! I am more then thrilled that our girls love to scrapbook. It makes me proud and nervous at the same time - my poor husband, he is going to be so broke!!!!!

  13. Chloe, my dear, what a fantastic job you did! You are certainly following in your mother's footsteps. And I must say, you don't really need flowers when you can sketch such lovely ones!!! Your flower was one of the first things I noticed when I looked at the LO! Keep scrapping and make sure your mom posts your pages for us to see! {hugs} L

  14. chloe! that is just the greatest page and i think you are a great friend and artist!

    i love to share with my son, too and he makes pages about his "best buddies"

  15. Chloe is definately a talented little girl. And what a cutie to bat! Great job! Reminds me of her mom! Always puts a smile on my face! Great job sweetie. Its an awsome peice of wrok!