Thursday, December 24, 2009

I think I should explain...

I've been getting some remarks about the Kreatorville Kraft kits, which makes me think I need to explain something ... this is not my kit, it's Keandra's. I guess I talk about it as if it's my kit, but that's just because I have been on the team since the very beginning. I'm proud of this kit as if it's my own, but it's not LOL.

For those of you who don't know Keandra, you are missing out on one sweet lady, here's the link to her blog. She's the owner of the Kreatorville Kraft Kit Club, and she's all American, so to answer one of your questions, yes of course this kit is open to US residents!!! In fact, this kit is available to be shipped internationally.

I've also been made aware the info about where to buy the kit is hard to find on the Kreatorville Krafts blog, so while waiting for that to change, I'll give you the necessary info:

You can contact Keandra, telling her which kit you would like to buy (which month) and specifying which title and embellie you would like (you get to choose one of each) at this address:
$37.50 for a one time kit
$32.50 for a six month subscription

I guess the confusion started as well when I started speaking in dutch ... this was only to tell the Belgian and Dutch people that they could order the kits as well if they so wanted... it seemed to me this would be easier to explain in dutch.

If you have any more questions, you can either contact Keandra at above mentioned address or me at

Talk to you later ladies, I've received a last minute invitation for me and my kids for a lovely christmas dinner (my husband's working the night shift tonight) over at my best friend's house, so I have to get ready!!!!
xxx Peggy


  1. Thanks Peggy!!! I sent her an email!!! Have fun tonight! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  3. Hello Peggy! My how I miss you! Hope to catch up with you in the new year! Wishing you the happiest of holidays and may the new year bring you all your heart desires!!! I love you, Sweet Friend!!!!!!!! xoxo L

  4. I hope your Christmas dinner and your Christmas were wonderful, peggy!!

  5. Peggy,ik vind het zo leuk dat jou heb leren kennen dit jaar!
    En ik was aan het terug lezen op mijn blog gisteren..jeetje wat hebben we veel gemeen zeg!
    Ik wens jou en je familie een ontzettend gelukkig,creatief maar vooral gezond 2010!!

  6. Ik kom even snel op je blog aanwippen om jou en je familie een heeeeeel goed 2010 te wensen Peggy!!!