Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spending my birthday scrapping away

Hi ladies, today is my birthday, and I'm doing what I love best aside from spending time with my family ... scrapping of course, or well at least I'm doing something scrapping related LOL. We did of course celebrate my birthday as well ... I was awakened this morning by gorgeous (ahum) singing by my wonderful kiddies (hubby luckily didn't join in LOL), followed by breakfast in bed! I received the most wonderful presents ... I already got a bycicle from hubby about a month ago, an electric blanket, a ring, a necklace and today I got three "Twilight" books ... isn't my hubby the absolute best?!!!!!

On Friday, my hubby's birthday by the way, we enjoyed a romantic day out over at a little town in Holland, and yesterday we took the kids to the cinema and to a chinese restaurant (which the kids looove). We went to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2", and I have to say I rather enjoyed it LOL. It certainly was good for a few laughs and was quite entertaining, compared to some of the kids' choices I've seen in the past!

So today I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet. We were planning on going out, but my husband is taking our son to watch a soccer match this evening, and they have to leave quite early ... did I just say my hubby is the best ????? LOL. Anyway, I don't mind, there's no punishment in staying at home and scrap the day away, is there? At least today I have an excuse not to do any kind of work around the house LOL.

The Creative Therapy / ARTastic Challenge Blog

I have been scrapping during this last week as well, so I do have some projects to share with you. For my first LO, I started out with pictures I love ... Chloë's very first pictures, taken only minutes after she was born. However, the quality of the pics isn't that great, nor are they really "pretty" pics ... so how do you scrap pics like that??... well, experiment of course!!!! I saw several of my friends had entered the challenge over at The Creative Type, and I knew instantly I had found my experiment! For this challenge, we had to use newspaper, something I had never done before. I used newspaper as a background and to make the flowers and the leaves.

In creating this LO, I was also inspired by a challenge over at the ARTastic Challenge Blog, which you can find here. The floral painting inspired me to use these bold colours, which really liven up this boring colours of the pictures, and to use flowers ... something I hardly ever do!!!

Part of the text on the background newspaper reads: "Kleur je dag", which means "Colour your day". I was so tickled when I found this text LOL, funny how little things can make you happy, right? And even the image of the camera came out of a newspaper ... how about that??? In the framed stamps I added her date and hour of birth, weight and height.

I don't know if you've noticed, but I love addding cut out pics lately. I just love that pic of Yannis holding up his hands like that, just happy because he's little sister has finally been born...

Here are some close-ups of the flowers, they turned out so pretty! I made the flowers using one of Julie's tutorials, which you can find here.

Aptly Titled

For my next project I used one of Keandra's gorgeous Aptly Titles. I find they always add that extra special touch to a project.

For this LO I mainly used images I received on christmas cards ... aren't they cute? I especially love that santa putting the star on the tree LOL. My husband thought this LO to be a little too busy (so you can image what he thought about the first one I showed you!!!), but I like it. I have a hard time adding embellies to my LO's, but I think this border works though.
The frame around the blue CS is doodled, and really added a finishing touch to the whole page.

The forgotten LO

While browsing through my LO's, I found this LO which I made with the Kreatorville Krafts November Kit, but which I, for one reason or another, never shared it with you.

This picture of Chloë was taken in June of last year, when she was 8 years old!! Look at that pose!!! Luckily it was a one time thing, I've asked her to do it again, but she hasn't been able to LOL, which is a good thing I think. She's looking way over 8 in this pic!!!! I'll have to start getting used to the idea of her growing up ...

Time to start on dinner and after that I plan on ending my birthday by visiting some of your blogs and scrap a little ... LIFE IS GOOD!!!

PS. Glenda, I went and bought my journal yesterday, so I can finally start on my art journal. I'm soooooo nervous and excited at the same time, this is going to be a fun journey!!!!

Love xxx Peggy


  1. Happy Birthday Peggy!!!! sounds like you have a great day planned out. =) wonderful layouts. I like the way you cut those pics out.. very cool idea that I haven't tried.

  2. Heeeee meis... dat vertel je nu pas? Jarig?
    Ben ik nog net op tijd dus... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ik hoop dat je een hele leuke dag had/hebt!!! Je layouts zijn weer geweldig - vind de doodle rand mooi, de kranten-bloemen fantastisch, de pose van je dochter geweldig (dat wordt nog wat later!) en ga-zo-maar-door.... kortom - prachtig werk!!!

  3. Na al een Facebook-felicitatie, nu nog een Blogger-hoeraatje!! Nou, het is wel duidelijk dat je hubby van je houdt, he? Zoveel verwennerij, helemaal goed!!
    En wat heb je weer prachtige kunstwerkjes afgeleverd! De bloemen van krantenpapier zijn echt helemaal super en de Kerst-layout is zooo grappig en vrolijk!! Druk?? Helemaal niet, juist leuk!!
    En dan nummer 3, die is mijn favoriet van deze keer! Geweldig, die foto van je dochter! En die letters van ribbeltjeskarton vind ik zo gaaf!!

    Ook nog gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je man! Lekker zeg, 2 verjaardagen zo dicht bij elkaar..

    Fijne dag verder!


  4. Happy Birthday Peggy! Hope you have a wonderful scrappy day! Love your new LO's . . . you're so creative! :)

  5. I can't believe you never shared the 'blossom' layout with us - it's awesome! I love it.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeee all the lo's ... just gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Happy Birthday Peggy,

    I'm so glad to hear you spent it scrappin'

    hope you had a great day!


  8. Nog van Harte en jeetje wat ben je verwend zeg, heerlijk!! En wat heb je weer een mooie LO's gemaakt, prachtig!!!!

  9. I love the page you designed for The Creative Type, just gorgeous! Thanks for playing with us!!!


  10. Happy Birthday sweet friend....Love all the creations....they are just PERFECT!!!

    I received your card and thank you and Chloe soooooo much...I posted it on my Blog!!! I am having a tough time posting for some reason....

    Love you and have a great week!!!

  11. Een heel gelukkige verjaardag!! Ben wel een dagje te laat, oeps.
    Leuke layouts heb je weer gemaakt,zeg!

  12. Happy Birthday! Thanks for playing along with us over at The Creative Type! I LOVE what you did with newspaper and making those colorful painted flowers. Beautiful layout!

  13. Hi Peggy, thanks for your comment on my blog! I've just checked out yours and it's great - LOVE your 'book of me' cover! And I'm heading over to check out Julie's tutorial because your flowers are gorgeous :-)

  14. WOWZERS!!!!! You have been on a roll! These layouts are stunning! I really love all the inking you did on those flowers!!! Just stunning! I always admire and adore all the elements that you use. You just are blessed with so much talent!!!!

  15. Happy belated birthday Peggy!!! I love those flowers! Here's wishing you a wonderful year ahead with lots of happy art accidents and discoveries as you do your art journal!

  16. Happy belated birthday, my sweets!!! You KNoW I
    would have commented earlier if not for my computer problems! I'm happy to see you're creatively back in stride...all of those kreations are AWESoME!!!!!

  17. Wow..lees het nu pas oops,maar alsnog een verlate felicitatie van mijn kant ;)
    En natuurlijk ook voor je man!En wow, je bet echt heerlijk verwend!Super hoor!
    Je layouts zijn weer erg gaaf!Mooi al die texture en kleuren!
    Fijne dag!

  18. GORGEOUS work!!!!!!! just absolutely stunning! tfs! :)


  19. happy belated birthday , Peggy ! So sorry I missed it !

    I love how you moved between different styles with all these layouts ! so inspiring !!