Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal Prompt #1

Ever since finding Glenda's blog, I've been in love with her art journaling pages and I've been wanting to be able to create page like that myself. So, when I found the AYITLOAAJ blog, and I saw they had started fresh this new year, I decided it was high time to give it a try.

The first prompt was actually a great prompt for me... "What is holding you back". As I've seen on many of the other ladies' pages, we all kind of feel the same ... uncertain about our work, are we good enough, is what we make to be called art?? To tell you the truth, I still don't think what I do is worth to be called Art... all I know is that when I'm not creating I'm thinking about creating, and when I am creating, I'm having fun, I'm loving every minute of it! I guess that's what really matters. Here's my first page:

The prompt was to write what was holding us back and then to cover the words with paints or whatever, sort of to make them not matter anymore. Some said this was very therapeutic for them ... I have to admit it didn't do much for me. I still feel the same way, words covered or not. However, I liked the idea of it LOL.

Now, those of you who read my previous post know that I am following Marit's workshop "Let it loose" ... well, I guess it shows from this journal page that I'm still having trouble letting it loose! Although I tell myself on this page to let go, to break free, I just can't seem to stop wanting some kind of structure... my title still is in the middle ... if I add red paint to the bottom of the page, I want to see red paint on top as well, or I'll feel the page is out of balance, ... And I'm just not happy with the page until I've traced images with my black marker ... I need some sort of structure. I guess I still have a long way to go before I finally let loose...

This being said, I don't know if I want this to change, because, I really really love this page, it turned out exactly as I had pictured it in my mind. Jeanet, just like you, I'm wondering if I should say this about my own work, but it's how I feel, so I guess it's okay.

As this is my first art journal page ever, except for the one I made for Marit's workshop, but that one was different since it concentrated on the journaling ... I'm eager to hear what you think... be honest!

Thanks in advance ladies!
xxx Peggy


  1. "Let Loose" doen't mean you don't have to LOOK no more Peggy... nothing wrong with a little balance. Just go with the flow, and if the flow says "I want to add red and then I want it there too 'cause otherwise it's out of balance..." that's good! Let it loose to me is "not prepare everything up front, go where the page takes you" and this page took you here and it is beautiful, I truly love it!

  2. Peggy,

    Dit ziet er heel interessant en creatief uit... je gevoelens uiten via je kunst/knutselwerk... Knap hoor!

    Groetjes, Saskia :)

  3. I think it's wonderful Peggy. I feel you're a true artist and your work shows it. ;)

    Love you my sweet friend...
    - April

  4. WHO keeps telling you to stop doubting yourself?!?! (Someone we both love VERY much, I bet!) You are SOOO really just need to stop thinking so much and just DO IT!!! This page is just ANOTHER example of your awesomeness!!!!

  5. Are you kidding me????????????
    I would give my left thumb to have 1/2 your talent, this is such a beautiful journal page.
    I feel that ART is what you make it, wether you are 6 or 30 years old, wether it is worthy to be in a museum or just in your house, ART is what you make it and it is beautiful either way. I always feel like my pages are not worthy or that everyone else's pages are better and maybe I should not post about it but at the end of the day they are MY pages, MY memories and they bring me such joy and peace while I am making them.
    Have a wonderful week!
    (((((BIG hugs)))))

  6. Ik moet eerlijk zijn????
    Ik vind 'm om verschrikkelijk jaloers op te worden!!!!!! Je kunt zo prachtig tekenen, je handschrift is geweldig, de tekst van je journaling is mooi en recht uit je hart, goh Peggy, wat wil je nog meer???
    Ik denk niet dat je je 'smaak' moet veranderen omdat je vind dat je het 'los' moet laten.. Ik denk dat je gewoon moet blijven doen wat je ZELF mooi vindt!!
    En dit is mooi!!! Prachtig zelfs!!


  7. great page peggy love the colours.

  8. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! this is TRULY AMAZING peggy!! wow wow wow! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. hey, you are right to love it! Its beautiful and I love the way the bright colours make it feel like you are so happy to break free!

  10. You have some fantastic talent Peggy. Do you know some people would just look at this like myself and think... wow... how can she be so clever.! keep it rolling in!!

  11. wat een gave art journal!!! mooie tekening, kleuren en journaling....helemaal SUPER!!!

  12. oh uau!
    that looks fantastic!


  13. Hi Peggy!! I am so happy I came here!! I LOVE your blog!!
    I feel the same as you about the AYITLOAAJ. I did what i was supposed to do, and what i wrote and made felt good, at the time. but, I dont really feel any different either!!
    AND, just like you, Marit's workshop and AAITL are my first ever art journal pages too!!
    Im glad you are there with me too! We can "be real" and "say it like it is" together!!
    I'm putting your blog on my bloglist!!

  14. holy wow is the so COOL! sorry i have been by to visit, i kick myself. you ALWAYS inspire me like crazy!

    really cool

  15. Hoi Peggy, deze pagina vind ik helemaal geweldig en ik ben heel eerlijk :) De workshop van Marit doet me echt goed, ik heb het idee dat er een nieuwe wereld voor me open gaat...
    Zo meteen ga ik eens kijken op dat blog, klinkt er leuk!

  16. You are really talented and this page is really inspiring! I´ve never tried art journaling but I´m willing to give it a try! I´ll have a look at the blog you mention! Thanks for sharing

  17. i for one, think that you're doing a great job with this one! looks awesome, girl! *hugs*

  18. this is such a powerful piece of art in every way , Peggy !!! & nothing or no one should change your mind about it once you looove it ! ;)

  19. Ben het HELEMAAL met Jenneke eens (zij kan het zo mooi verwoorden, daar ben ik nou weer jaloers op ;)
    Een werkelijk Prachtige Pagina Peggy!
    Niks meer aan doen, zo laten.