Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let's get shabby challenge #13

Last Friday I met two special blogging friends, Jeanet and Jenneke woohoo! I bet their ears are still hurting, I always talk so much, especially when I'm nervous. And I really was nervous, I really wanted them to like me, you know. But I shouldn't have been nervous at all, because just as I had imagined, these ladies are just lovely!!!! I so enjoyed their company, and I hope we'll all be meeting again real soon!

I just love this picture!!

If you read my previous post, you already know I had made an altered journal for the recent Let's Get Shabby challenge, but I forgot to make it a birthday-related project. So, I promised the ladies of LGS to make another entry, birthday-related this time. When I told Jeanet on Friday, she said she would try and enter as well. Well, I just visited Jeanet's blog, and she beat me to the punch, hers is already posted!!! And it's a beauty!!!! Jeanet, you'll be pleased to hear I managed to finish mine as well, and before the dead line this time (though I cut it close, I admit ...).

Recently, someone wrote me that my current work isn't nearly as good as that of several months ago. Actually, I feel ashamed in her place saying this to someone, because though I really do believe that she is entitled to express her opinion, I also do believe that every single one of us poors our heart into every LO we make, so it really can't be "bad", right?? Still, her words are lingering in my head, and my confidence has taken a blow.

So I'm feeling a bit nervous posting this new LO of mine, especially since I decided not to let her words keep me from trying something new... I had never tried a shabby LO before, and I have hardly ever used stamps. Did it turn out okay? I don't know ... I like it, but I liked my last work as well. My husband wasn't too excited about this LO, so he didn't exactly help restoring my confidence... Still, like I said, I like it, and really that's what matters, isn't it?

This is Chloë on her first birthday (almost 9 years ago!!!). The look on her face when we put that big pie in front of her was priceless, and she dug right in! She was covered from head to toe, so we had to give her a bath before she could even open up her presents ... ah, the memories!!!

I so had a hard time not painting this time!!! It seems like I've painted on every single LO I've made recently, and I do so love the look of paint on a LO. But this LO was rather busy as is (for me that is, I'm not used to using so many papers), so I decided against it this time. I'm also proud to say I finally used some of those stamps that have been lying around unused. I used 4 different stamps, two for the "1" and the frame, one for the crown, and foam alphabet stamps for the title. So I've got that criteria covered! Not sure if it really is a "shabby" LO though (might be a bit too "cheary" and childish), but ladies, I did try!!! I actually rather enjoyed this challenge, and I will be entering again!

Talk to you later!
xxx Peggy


  1. How fun, Peggy!! I'm so happy you all could get together!

    Hugs to you, sweetie!! Your work is beautiful, please don't let anyone bring you down! We all change in our work and style as we grow, sometimes it doesn't appeal to others as much, but you keep it up!! xo

    As long as you like it, that is all that counts! I think it is a wonderful layout, a bit different for you, maybe with the multiple photos? It really suits the photos, with the colors and design. :)

  2. Peggy, this layout is FABULOUS!! I love the colors and the design is perfect for your pics. Great job sweetie. ;)

    You are right when you say that none of our work can be "bad". The person who wrote you saying they think your work isn't as good lately should be ashamed of herself! No one has the right to say something like that to another crafter. Every single piece of work we do is from the heart and a part of who we are...and that makes them all wonderful. Remember that my friend. :)

    Huge hugs coming your way!!
    - April

  3. Oh - I think this is too cute! Love the bunting and the balloon especially! And don't take any notice of other people's negative opinions - there is no right or wrong with scrapbooking - it's all about recording memories for future generations.

  4. Glad that you found time to do a birthday page Miss Peggy. Just love those pics of your daughter enjoying her cake. Thanks for playing along with us at shabby.

  5. Ok, hoping to restore some confidence in your art (not that it matters what I think because it is really about how it makes YOU feel - and I also think you got it right when you said that making this bought back all those memories because that's pretty important too).
    But here's what I love about this layout.....
    1. The bright lovely colour scheme
    2. That stamped title..... brilliant.
    3. Fitting so many cute photos on one page without it looking cluttered
    4. The distressed 'border strips' down the right hand side
    5. A BANNER!!!!!!
    Yeah :-)

  6. Peggy, your page is fabulous. I love the mix of colours you have used and that little crown is perfect. The photos are very sweet and I love your multi-photo layout.

  7. Zes foto´s op 1 layout!
    Knap zeg, zou mij niet lukken...
    Vind ´t een vrolijke, kleurrijke layout.
    De "hoera" letters zijn zo leuk verwerkt!

    Helaas kon ik niet bij jullie in Heesch zijn. Hopelijk ´n volgende keer...

  8. I love your page it has that really bright "happy" feel to it.
    I too had a nasty comment recently and it is still playing on my mind...I can't believe how some people feel they have the right to openly express how they feel about your life and your art work!!! It takes some time to get over but thank goodness for all the other lovely people out there in blog land!!
    Thankyou for playing along with our birthday challenge at Shabby and putting so much effort into making a second project we really appreciate it..xxx

  9. I'm so happy I got to meet you girl!It was so much fun with you and Jenneke!And don't worry about my ears....I loved it!!
    Love your layout Peggy...loving those multiple photo's and that dotted paper is so very cute!That torn paper is great and you rocked those stamps, especially the title!Not to mention that cute,little, beautiful flag banner and that balloon!love it all Peggy and I think it's shabby too!!You go girl!!Beautiful photo's and sweet memories!
    And I do NOT agree with that person...I always love the layouts coming from the heart and you make them for you...so how can that be not beautiful!!What is good and beautiful anyway ;)
    Don't let anyone bring you down Peggy!
    You are wonderful!

  10. Ik vind je layouts schitterend, Peggy!! Laat het niet aan je hart komen en toon hier maar veel van je werk. Ze zijn altijd zo inspirerend!!
    groetjes Isolde

  11. First off............Your work is MAGNIFICENT! I love the attention you pay to detail and love to glean inspiration from you!

    Secondly............DON'T let anyone steal your JOY. That's right. You scrap for YOU......whoever this person is that made such an ill-mannered comment should be ashamed of themselves.

    Third........You know there are people out there who are just JEALOUS of you and your work. Ignore them. Don't spend one second trying to figure out WHY they are the way they are. Just be happy with yourself.

    Lastly.....THAT layout you posted is FANTASTIC!! I am soo going to LIFT it!

    HUGGING you tight my dear!!


  12. Peggy this lo is just so CUTE!!!! Thanks so much for playing with us at SHABBY!!!!

  13. Lieve, lieve Peggy..
    Allereerst sorry voor het feit dat ik nu pas reageer maar ik had problemen met je site! Iedere keer als ik hem opende, kreeg ik alleen maar je layout te zien en verder niets. En hij bleeft maar aangeven dat de site bezig was te openen... Niet dus.
    Nu, eindelijk, is het wel gelukt! En zie ik je prachtige Shabby layout!! Echt een plaatje, eerlijk waar! Heerlijke kleuren, lieve foto's en zulke leuke details!!!

    Er mankeert HELEMAAL NIETS aan jouw laatste werk! Het is nog net zo mooi als anders!! Laat je niks wijs maken, door helemaal niemand!! Je bent een TOPPER!!

    En een lekkere kletskous, hihi... Wat was het gezellig vrijdag!


  14. Hey Peggy I was just coming over here to say "hey, I just saw you on Jeanet's blog!" and saw that you have the same picture of you 3! I think that's so awesome you guys all got to meet!!

    I cannot believe someone would say something like that to you!! Your art is amazing and your drawing and painting talent is out of this world!! Don't let their words shake your confidence. Art is in the eye of the beholder and if it makes you happy that's all that matters. Who are they to judge anyways? I love your work because it's whimsical and artistic and makes ME happy!!! Rock on Peggy!!!!

  15. OMG PEGGY!!!!!

    I am sooooooooooo jealous!!! I SOOOOOOO want to be in that photo tooooooooooo!!!
    Oooooooh you lucky lucky lucky girls getting together!!! wow wow wow!

    Love your LO!! Its soooo incredibly cute! I'm so glad you got to scrap this memory!
    And very glad you are playing along with Shabby!
    your work is gorgeous and at the end of the day....you scrap for you!
    big tassie hugs for you!!!

  16. oh don't let someone out there try to get you down.....I like this LO and I LOVED LOVED LOVED your she calls me pegs LO. I even think its magazine worthy, I loved it so much.

  17. Also wanted to say I got a comment a month or so ago saying my blog was way more interesting and my pages were so much better than in the past, yet I found it strange as I was barely posting anything at all at the time. I thought my pages were plain boring and awful compared to this time last years pages.

  18. Great birthday layout! Love your take on the challenge.
    Hugz, Z

  19. Wat jammer dat ik er niet bij was in Heesch! Ik heb HEEEEEEELE grote oren, dus daar had een heeeeeleboel gekwebbel in gekund. Graag zelfs! ('t is maar stilletjes zonder mijn zoon hier in huis...) volgende keer??!!!

    En nu even serieus. Het is eigenlijk al door iedereen gezegd hierboven, maar ik doe toch ook mijn duit in het zakje. Creeeren (schilderen, scrapbooken, schrijven, art journaling - you name it) doe je vooral voor jezelf en vanuit je HART! Om de herinnering te bewaren, om iets "kwijt te moeten", om een nieuwe techniek uit te proberen - het kan allemaal en zolang je dat met plezier doet kan het nooit (NOOIT!!!!) "minder" of "fout" zijn!!! NOOIT (ja, ik herhaal het maar!) Anderen kunnen je soms zo onzeker maken hè, dat hebben we allemaal. Zolang er geen echte argumenten zijn in de "kritiek" (dus geen opbouwing waar je mee verder kunt) is het niets waard. Inderdaad, jaloezie of "kijk eens wat ik durf te zeggen/vind en wat ik er een kijk op heb" - dat laatste is dus NIET het geval! Laat je niet kisten Peggy - je werk is altijd JOU en GEWELDIG!!!

  20. Ben het helemaal met Marit en de anderen eens, laat je maar niets zeggen want ik zie totaal geen verschil met je werk van nu en een paar maanden geleden(ben echt gaan kijken :)

    Je LO is lekker vrolijk, mooie kleurencombi en de manier waarop je de foto`s hebt verwerkt vind ik helemaal top. Erg leuk gedaan, Peggy!!

    Leuke foto van jullie drietjes, volgens mij was het super gezellig.

    Groetjes Viv

  21. well i am loving it, peggy! it sounds like you are doing well, too. i am sorry i haven't been around in forever! miss talking to you here and there :)

  22. I agree Peggy, let your joy NOT be stolen!! YOU ARE DOING GREAT , girl ...=) The layout is adorable ! xoxo

  23. Hey schattebol, ik ben een van de gelukkige mensen die je minstens één keer per week te zien krijgt, je hebt een gouden hart en je bent de beste vriendin die iemand kan wensen.
    Ook je scraps mag je steeds met zo veel zorg en liefde, dat ik er van overtuigd ben dat iemand die zegt dat je nie goe bent, nog nooit een moment plezier heeft gehad met scrapping en ze zal dan ook nooit de gevoelens en de vreugde kennen die jij kent, en da is jammer voor haar , vooral omdat je van alles in je leven moet genieten.
    Ten slotte wou ik je nog eens bedanken om je werken elke keer aan mij te laten zien, door jou ben ik nu ook gaan scrappen en door jou heb ik eindelijk mijn rust gevonden door iets te doen wat je met heel je hart en gevoel kan doen.
    Laat dus nooit iemand zeggen dat je niet goed genoeg ben, want je bent geweldig, vergeet da nooit maateke.
    Love you forever.

  24. The colors are gorgeous in the layout of Chloe and the layout is perfect. So nice you got to meet your blogging friends. No need to be nervous as like most people who scrapbook, you are so kind! Cindy

  25. I can't believe someone said that! Poo on them! I love your work and all the different techniques and styles you have used - this layout ROCKS!!! You did a incredible job!!!

  26. Wat een mooie woorden hierboven me. De tranen springen spontaan in m'n ogen bij 't lezen van de reactie van je vriendin Vickske.
    Ik hoef er niets aan toe te voegen. Het lijkt me afschuwelijk als zo'n woorden aan je gaan knagen. Twijfel niet aan jezelf meid ga je eigen weg. Een prachtige lo!

    Lieve Peggy...je reacties op mijn blog zijn altijd hartverwarmend en gemeend. Dank je wel.

  27. Hoi Peggy, heel erg bedankt voor je lieve commentaartje op mijn allereerste blogpost!! Ik vind het echt fantastisch dat men (jij dus ook!) de moeite neemt om bij mij, als nieuwe "blogger" een kijkje te komen nemen en dan ook nog een commentaartje achterlaat. Dat doet me zoooo goed!!
    En Peggy... jou werk IS fantastisch!! Het is zo flauw om ongegronde kritiek te leveren. Tijdens de workshop van Marit heb ik echt zitten wachten tot je weer wat zou uploaden! Was zooo benieuwd naar elk volgende werk van je! Ik vond het jammer dat je, blijkt me nu, "vastliep" op de collage... Gewoon een keer proberen meis, niet teveel bij nadenken. Ik weet zeker dat je dit ook kan!!

  28. what a great photo of you girls! isn't it so much fun to meet online friends IRL?? love that layout - great job with the challenge, peggy!