Thursday, June 2, 2011

Je t'adore

You might have noticed I've been missing for a few months here in Blogland. I've had some personal things to deal with, and these left me (in my mind) no room to scrap or blog. For a while there I was totally numb. At one point, I feared I would never be able to get back into my scrapping, but gradually, the longing for scrapping came back, and I'm hoping it's back to stay. I would like to thank Shazza, my "ARTastic design team Boss" for her patience and understanding. I don't know many people who would have reacted like you did, you're a sweetheart Shazza!!!

Speaking of ARTastic, our new challenge is up, and as always I'm hoping to see some familiar friendly faces between the participants! The inspiration for this month's challenge is the beautiful Edouard Manet painting "Argenteuil". The critiria are:
* Two people in the picture
* Used striped pp
* Use a boat somewhere on the LO

For my DT submission, I knew immidiately which picture I wanted to use ... one of my two oldest children with my daughter giving her older brother a look of total adoration. I've been in love with this picture forever and always will be.

Isn't that look something? Mind you, they were 4 and 5 years old in that picture ... now, almost 7 years later, we hardly see that look on either one of their faces anymore. But ooh, sweet memories :-)

The use of striped pp had me worried there for a while. I'm not used to using striped pp and I hardly have any in my stash. But once I had decided to not use it as a background but use it to create some feature elements, in this case the hearts, it all came together beautifully.

I actually used real sand on this LO, but later covered most of it with my papers. Still, the effect in real life hasn't been lost, it looks kinda neat! The background has been painted in different shades of blue and I added some tissue papers to create some texture as well. My main concern was to keep the focus on the picture, which is why I used a light music sheet paper as the background for the pic. Still, I couldn't resist adding a bold red title and some other fun elements. I'm quite happy with the result though.


I never posted last month's ARTastic challenge, nor did I post the LO I made for that challenge yet. This one is very dear to me, it features my grandmother who died about 3 weeks after this picture of her holding my youngest daughter Christina was taken.

My mom and I believe she held on just long enough to see the baby. Though she hadn't been sick and her death came as a surprise, we later on discovered she had lost the will to live after my granddad had died a year earlier. Seeing Christina seemed to have been the only thing she found worthwile enough to hang on just that little bit longer.

This was the firsts LO I made after my absence, and I kept it fairly simple to get the hang of it again. Still, it turned out just the way I wanted it to.


Since I'm back into my scrapping, it won't be long till I start visiting your blogs again. I've actually started reading some of my friends' blogs, but I'm sure you can imagine I have a lot of catching up to do! It's worth it though, I've missed reading all of your stories and seeing your beautitul work.
So, I'll be seeing you soon!

xxx Peggy


  1. Peggy!!!! I have missed you SO much my friend. I am soooo glad to see you back and hope that things are better for you now. Hugs and prayers coming your way sweetie!!
    - April

  2. Gelukkig, je bent er weer! En hoe, met twee prachtige layouts! Leuk dat zand bij de eerste LO en van de tweede vind ik de bloemen helemaal geweldig! Ik hoop dat alles weer goed voor je gaat. Groetjes.......

  3. these are gorgeous peggy, glad that you are scrapping and blogging again

  4. So great to have you back Peggy!!! :) Hugz! Glad to see you creating again and sharing from the heart.

  5. I have missed you my dearest!! I hope you are ok now... I loveeeeeeeeeeee both lo's!! What a precious memory of your Mom and loveeeeeeeeeeeee the colors and that paint on the first one! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Peggy,

    Fijn om je hier terug te zien!!! Je lay-outs zijn zo prachtig en zo persoonlijk! Mooi, mooi!!

    Lieve groetjes, Saskia :)

  7. YEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, je bent er weer!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wat fijn zeg!!!!
    Je weet dat ik je gemist hebt!!
    Ik ben heel blij dat je je mojo weer terug hebt en ik hoop dat ie nog heel lang zal blijven! En dat het GOED met je gaat!!!!!
    Heerlijk om weer van die mooie kunstwerkjes van je te kunnen bewonderen! Echt zand....wie bedenkt zoiets ;-)

    Welcome back, Peggy!!


  8. oh such beautiful layouts with such precious photos and memories behind them.. so lovely!!xx

  9. oh well, let me be the first one to welcome you back with open arms!! I've been missing you! SO wonderful to see your lovely art work again. You never cease to inspire me. You might not have scrapped for a while, but these pages are still absolutely outstanding! Mwah! xxxx

  10. Jaaaaaa... daar is ze weer!!! Ik kwam geregeld even kijken maar nee, mijn Belgische vriendinnetje bleef maar stil.... ach, soms is het ook gewoon nodig om even weg te blijven van het online-gedoe, om met andere dingen te dealen of gewoon weer eens 'adem te halen'. Uitvinden waar de prioriteiten liggen en zo... of ben ik nu aan het bazelen?! Anyway, ik vind het geweldig je weer te zien, en meteen 'full force' met twee mooie layouts!!! Geniet van het weekend Peggy, 'I'll be back' - je raakt gewoon niet van me af ;)

  11. Gelukkig, daar ben je weer! (was al een beetje ongerust hoor!!!) Ben blij dat je weer terug bent in blogland en ons meteen met deze prachtige werken verrast!! Het is echt niet te zien dat je even een "break" hebt genomen, de layouts zijn SUPER!!
    Nou meis, ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat en dat je ons niet meer zo lang "alleen" laat!!

  12. Fijn dat je er weer bent Peggy! Prachtige lo's. De eerste vind ik mooi qua kleur en compositie. De tweede ontroert me vooral door het verhaal erachter. En de laatste uitdaging...daar zou ik iets mee kunnen. Twee mensen, gestreept papier en 'n boot. Misschien kom ik meedoen. Het huwelijk van Vivian en Ivo staat voor de deur, maar m'n tafel ligt nog vol met scrapspulletjes ;) Als ik de rust kan vinden... wie weet.

  13. Hi Peggy.... yippie!!!! so glad to see you posting. Was wondering about you.. You still have your creative mojo because your pages are fabulous. big hugs to you.


  14. HI Peggy! I am so happy to see you scrapping & posting! I kept dropping by your blog to check on you! I hope all is going well & I look forward to more of your great work! take care my friend!

  15. Hi Peggy, I just love your LO for this months challenge - one of my favourites!! Look forward to working alongside you on the DT.

  16. I just love your creations, peggy! I hope things are going better for you these days!!