Friday, December 26, 2008

Chloë's 8th birthday

Here's my latest LO ... don't be shocked, I know, it doesn't look the least like the first one I showed you ... I should have warned you in my first post: I don't have a scrapping style whatsoever!!!!!!! I just go where the pictures or my mood at the moment take me ...

These are some pictures of my daughter's bowling party we threw for her and her friends from school for her 8th birthday. She and her friends had a wonderful time!! My son, featured on the right page making a silly face, wasn't too thrilled I used this picture of him ... he thought he looked silly. Now you have to know, he always acts like this when I take out my camera, it's like he's just not capable of acting normally when a camera is around, I practically have to beg him if I want half a decent picture ... he doesn't seem to understand yet that he in fact is in charge of how he looks on pics LOL ... sounds familiar to anyone?????

The quality of the pictures we took inside the bowling centre wasn't all that great because of the poor light, so I decided to create a very busy LO, trying to mask the poor quality of the pics, and reflecting the busy atmosphere of the party. And it turned out busy enough don't you think LOL?

I only used cardstock, my scissors and my coloring pens and some chalk for the border for this LO. Back to basics you might say, but in this case, I think it works!

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you a very Happy New Year full of love, friendship, good health and continued scrappin' creativity!

xxx Peggy


  1. That is the best part of scrapbooking, you can let your moods show as well as your talents - you are the artist - there is no wrong way to do it! It looks great!

  2. Peggy, I just love this!! I think it is sooo bright & cheerful! I seen it on first & wanted to pop over & let you know how great it is! WOnderful doodling! It is just sooo much fun! TFS :D

  3. Ik vind hem toch heel geslaagd hoor!!! Leuke herinnering voor je dochter later.

  4. Totally cute!! I love the bright and cheery colours!!! Great work, Peggy!!!

    And wishing you and your family a great year ahead! Make it more meaningful - God bless!!

  5. I think you've created the mood perfectly - it looks fabulously happy and bright - just as a birthday party should! Happy birthday to your dd!!
    And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours Peggy!

  6. Hi Peggy,
    Thanks for all your kind comments on my Blog. I'm loving your style.... This Lo is so bright and FUN! your freehand is amazing :)
    Happy new year Peggy look forward in checking out your creations for 2009 ;)

  7. Hi Penny - thanks for visiting and leaving your wonderful messages! To answer your question on my blog about the 365 day album... at most the pages should add to 12x15 (using front and back of each page -if I remember to scrap each day - which probably wont happen in busy times though I do expect to come close to the goal) so that's 180 pages plus dividers that are tagged by month. I expect that it will take two albums called 'Volume 1 2009' and 'Volume 2 2009' (unless I get really forgetful/busy) Nevertheless they are only 8x8's so arent big albums, and I love the look of 'overstuffed' and hopefully that should be achieved!
    I'm sure you'll find your way to making a decision which suits you! 12x12 doubles is a big undertaking for the first time. Start small and managable and see how you go from there. Scrapping a smaller 8x8 each day is quick and easy - it uses up scraps too! Another promise I've made myself to endeavour to not cut into 12x12 cardstock or pattern paper!
    Hope this helps!

  8. love the b'day party so bright and cheery. thanks for popping into my blog and the lovely comment.

  9. I love this my friend! I think the colors you used here totally rock, and everyone looks like they are having a ball!


  10. Love your colourful is so cheerie...I see we have a lot of common blog site interests and thought it would be nice to connect with someone from overseas..hope you enjoy the blogging world as much as I do...Its amazing!! Xj.s.