Sunday, January 11, 2009

Latest LO: "Little flowershop"

You all know how it is, the holiday season is just busy busy busy. I haven't had any time to scrap lately, and now that I have, I can't seem to come up with something. I have one LO lying here half finished, but there's still something missing, now all I've got to do is figure out what!!!!

A month ago I did finish this LO:

I made this one for a challenge on a Dutch site, Scraptastisch, where the challenge was to use 20 flowers on your LO. Now, those of you who know me and my LO's a bit better, know that I'm not a big fan of flowers on my LO's. I like flowers well enough, I'm just not to keen on putting a whole bunch of them on a LO without a good reason. I like my embellies to have some sort of connection with the topic of the photo. So this was a challenge for me, but I did find the perfect picture for it. This is me when I was three years old, selling flowers made of crepe-paper at the beach, in return for seashells.

This was a very easy LO what techniques are concerned, and for my standards a very quick one too. I finished this one in a couple of hours, which might not seem quick to you, but believe me, for me this was a new record!!
I used cardstock for the background, the matting, the corners and the journaling.
I added some ribbons. The yellow one I stitched to the paper, the orange flowers were attached with brads in the centre of some flowers. The little flowers are beads which I stitched to the page, and which I only added to come to my total of 20 (well, 21 really LOL), but which turned out really cute I think.
I also added a green net, which isn't really all that visible in the picture, but is really neat IRL. The net reminded me of the fishing net I used to use when looking for seashells.
The flowers were made out of crepe-paper. For the stems I covered some straws with green crepe-paper. The flowers turned out a bit pale, so I painted over them to make them stand out a bit more.
Finally I wrote the title on a piece of white cardstock, coloured it in with regular colouring pens, cut it out and glued it to the page.
And ready it was, piece of cake. Maybe a bit too easy, because I didn't win the challenge LOL, but I like it, and it's something I wouldn't have done if I hadn't entered this challenge, and isn't that what these challenges are all about?

Well, I'm off to what hopefully will be a wonderfully lazy Sunday afternoon, and if my kids will let me, I'm hoping to finish the LO I'm working on right now, maybe even start another one I've been thinking of, and finally get started on my 365 Project. I'm starting this project off with a huge delay, which I'm not happy about at all!!! Did I take on too much ... probably yes, but I do so much want this project to happen, so ... high time to get started!!!

But first I would like to give all of you who have visisted my blog and those who have taken the time to leave me a comment a big thanks! I really appreciate it! I hope to get to know all of you a little bit better!


  1. This is just wonderful! Awesome job! Great colors~

  2. Just love the colours on your layout Peggy. Very bright and happy.

  3. Ik ken ook dat probleem hoor Peggy, soms heb ik zoveel zin om te scrappen en tijd om te scrappen, en krijg ik geen inspiratie om iets te doen. Maar je hebt toch wel een hele mooie lay-out gemaakt. Wij moeten dringend nog eens foto's laten ontwikkelen, want ik heb ook veel zin om te scrappen.

  4. Peggy please go over to my blog, I have something for you.

  5. Hiya girlie, thanks for the sweet comments. Scraplifting a layout of mine is totally fine :) Just as long as you give credit to me when you share yours online, I'll appreciate that :) And thanks so much, so glad a layout of mine can inspire you!! can't wait too see it!!

  6. Hi there.. your lo is wonderful. I love those large flowers next to your photo. using all those flowers is an accomplishment. great job.

    Happy Monday!

  7. Hey Peggy, I have something for you in my BLOG because I LOVE YOUR BLOG...

  8. This is GORGEOUS Peggy!! I love how you have come up with a solution of using so many flowers....I love flowers, but I dont think I'd like 20 on a page!!! You've done extremely well with fabulous effect!
    Cute little pic of you!!!
    Most of all I love the colour and the thought you put into your LO's - you create a bigger picture mentally
    I hope I see a lot more creations from you soon!

  9. I LOVE how bright this page is, I'm going to give those fantastic flowers a go! Its a great Lo Peggy :)

  10. OHhh this is beautiful! i love the clouds! your bloomas are amazing! really great work my friend!! :)

  11. You did a wonderful job with this one Peggy, and look how ADORABLE you are!! ;) Beautiful job, my sweet friend...
    - April