Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another favorite to share ...

I made this LO, one of my favorites so far, in September. Today, I received my 130th comment on this LO on, isn't that awesome!!! I can't believe I'm still receiving comments on this one (feeling proud and happy here, can you tell??), so I thought I'd share it with you.

This LO was inspired by a challenge giving on Scrapping the Music. The challenge was to make a LO based on the lyrics of the song "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. I used the part (which is my journaling):

May you grow up to be
proud, dignified and true
and do onto others
as you'd have done to you

These last sentence is the rule we try to live by in our family, I can't count the times I've used this line... so it was an easy choice and perfect challenge for me.

I had a lot of fun making this LO, and used a lot of techniques us newbies can easily do without too many supplies.

I started out by altering the picture to black and white, than adding the colour red, and finally upping the temperature, which is what gives the picture this magical old-looking glow. The original picture is lovely, but IRL, this altered picture is just stunning!!

I made the flowers painting a brown paper bag (in which they sell bread here), it has a nice light crumbled feel to it, first with gesso, then with green acrylic paint. I used a fork to make the circular marks, which aren't really visible on the picture, but they are IRL. I painted some circles brown this same way, added a netted ribbon, a button, and stitched them to the paper. The transparant flowers I made by using a piece of plastic (this is a plastic cover of a cheap photo-frame), I used a permanent marker to outline the flowers and add the dots, cut them out and curved the petals by holding them above a candle. I fixed them to the page by stitching on a button.

The title was made in Word, printed and cut out. The journaling was inked in several colours, the edges were distressed with scissors, then glued and stitched to the page.

Finally I inked the edges of the background paper brown to give it a more finished look.

This description probably doesn't mean anything to experienced scrappers, but I added it for all the people like me who are new to scrapping, and like me, have no clue as to how others make all these wonderful creations they themselves think of as "simple"... and to show you don't always need expensive stuff. I hope it's useful to some of you ...

Off to do some ironing and hoping to get finished in time to get some scrapping done!
xxx Peggy


  1. This is just stunning! You did such an awesome job. What a wonderful thing to have a part of your memories! Just beautiful!

  2. Peggy, this is just fabulous. its deserves all those comments. =)

  3. WOW Peggy - you are rockin' now!!
    This is awesome! Just beautiful! No one would believe you have only scrapped for a short while!! NO ONE!!!

  4. congratulations :) that is a LOT of comments! so well deserved though, that page is gorgeous :)

  5. Peggy, I love this...this is so you ...earthy..stunning photo and colours..just beautiful.

  6. Peggy, you know this is one of my favs of yours and I'm so glad you decided to share it on your blog!!
    - April

  7. Ive been scrapping for over 5 years and I had no clue what those flowers were made from. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Je mag terecht fier zijn op deze lay-out, want ik vind hem echt wel prachtig!!

  9. What a fantastic page Peggy, the photo is breath taking, I LOVE it.