Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sneak Peeks and day 4&5 of Project 365

Sneak Peeks

I finished my very first layout as a designer for the Songbird Scraps Challenge. The first challenge will be up on the first of February, so be sure to pay a visit! Here are some sneak peeks of my LO:

Given the nature of the lyrics, I intended to make a very romantic LO, but as usual, it turned out quite different from what I had imagined ...

Day 4&5 of Project 365

I know I have to work faster on these pages, or I'll never get caught up, but I'm having so much fun with these pages! They are perfect to try new things and just experiment away ... this time I used my sewing machine for the very first time, you'll see there are some "mistakes" on there, but it still turned out pretty nice I think. I do like the effect of hand stitching better, but there certainly are occasions when I will opt for this techique, especially the zigzagging around the pic is a fun look!

For those of you curious about the journaling:
1/4: Lazy Sunday - Hanging about all day long in our pj's, playing Nintendo, watching TV, just doing nothing, we sure deserved this after such a busy holiday. Christina still had to read one of her books for school. She likes to practise her reading.
1/5: The kids are back into their routine of going to school and making their homework ... For me it hasn't been this easy, I basically did nothing at all today.

I'm finding it hard to really write personal stuff that go with the pictures, I hope this will change while I'm working on this project. Although I definitely want to document the day-to-day little things in our lives, I want some room for my thoughts as well, I just don't have any idea as how to include that as for now ... any suggestions anyone??? Thanks in advance!

xxx Peggy


  1. Mmmmm I LOVE that sneek peek!!! BUT I want to see more :0)
    Great pages Peggy

  2. wOW - YOU are becoming quite the designer! I love what you have created - what mistakes? I cant see any at all with your sewing!!! It looks fabulous. I'm not great at getting the personal thoughts down so no tips here and I;ve been scrapping for a decade! I've put that down to just me!! lol.
    You are rockin' girl!

  3. I have tagged you on my blog:

  4. Peggy, I cannot tell you how happy I am for you! I love your work & you are sooo darn sweet! I know you will have continued success! tfs :)

  5. Peggy, these pages are gorgeous!! The stitching looks truly amazing, and the distressing you did on the paper looks soooooo good. Also, I LOVE that you included the pic of yourself...it looks great!

    Wonderful job, my friend. :)
    - April

  6. Wow Peggy- your sneak peek looks fabbo- I haven't posted one of mine- should do that hey? Your blog is gorgeous lovey!
    P.S you are tagged!

  7. Dat ziet er al een hele mooi lay-out, ben benieuwd naar de rest ervan.

    Ik heb je ook getagged, ga maar eens kijken naar mijn blogje wat je precies moet doen.