Saturday, August 8, 2009

Guest Gutter Girl

I was asked to be the guest designer over at Gutter Girlz, I'm so excited, check it out here, I even got my very own post!!!! However, I did have to think long and hard about this challenge, ... nothing immediately came to mind. And then, suddenly everything just fell into place. I even used all the prompts that were given: I used part of the lyrics (Maneater) - I adjusted them a little bit- as a background, used "swallow" as the title, and I splattered white paint onto the brown background paper. Oh, and I machine stitched my title, what do you think?? I don't think it's a look that would work on every LO, but I do like the look of it on this one!

Most LO's are made out of love, this one was created out of pure hate. I don't like to admit this, but I hate those people in the pic with all of my heart. This is why I didn't want to create a "beautiful" LO, I really wanted this LO to reflect my feelings towards these people. It's also why I changed their heads into skulls ... I still can't make a LO with their image on it.

The beautiful baby in the middle of the pic is my daughter Chloë, and the skulls are her ex-godparents, my husband's brother and his wife. A few years ago, we had an argument, and right there and then my BIL announced we should look for other godparents, because they didn't want anything to do with us anymore. My girl, about 4 or 5 at the time, was shattered. She had bad dreams and a fear of being left by me as well for many months to follow.

I'm not a vindictive person, you have to do a lot to make me stay mad at you, but don't ever touch my babies!!! Like I said before, I don't like to admit I hate those people, I don't like to hate anyone, it eats me up inside. I wish the day would come I would feel nothing when I think about them, but unfortunately, that day hasn't come yet. Hence the "hate-stitching" at the left of the page.

The journaling reads: "The mere thought that these people are on all our important photographs is not pleasant, but the fact that our sweet daughter wears their name is almost too hard to swallow".

That's why I made a copy of our marriage certificate/book (don't know the English word for this) where also our children are listed, and added the silver circle around Chloë's full name (just so you understand what that little book is doing on the LO).

Anyway, that's the background of the LO. I do hope you like it, despite the dark message it brings.
Xxx Peggy


  1. Wow, dat is heftig! Je gevoel spat hier af! Het is niet een voor de hand liggend scaponderwerp, maar ik vind hem wel mooi. Hopelijk helpt het maken hiervan om het los te laten.

    En nog iets anders: je mag best wat van mij "lenen", dat doe ik zelf ook vaak. ;-)


  2. Wow....Peggy this one had to be a difficult one to do!!!!! What a sad experience.....and the impact it has held on you to this day!!!! Actions by those that we cared about at one time, can be so strong in our lives....and I wish for RESOLUTION....ACCEPTANCE....for you to be able to move on!!!!! It is not acceptance of their behavior...but acceptance of control in your life!!!! Do Not allow them to still hold a dark place in your are in control and you have much more room for POSITIVE people who can fill you with LOVE!!!! The stitching of the title is awesome....the real pain...exudes from this LO!!!! I adore you...I support you.....I hold you close!!!! Sending you friendship and love across the seas to enrich you and your beautiful family!!!!

  3. Congrats of the guest Gutter Girl spot. I admire that you are able to share this and I hope making this layout helped you to heal a little. I also want to thank you for your support!!! Hugs-Kim

  4. Well...The LO is very creative, of course! It's good that you are able to get such strong feelings out in the open. Just curious, now what do you do with it? Do you display it or hide it? I'm only asking cause I have no Idea!! I am sorry that you had to endure this. I totally hear you. DON"T MESS WITH MY BABIES!!! I am also like a mother bear when it comes to my children. Hugs and Love to you, Peggy! I'm sure this was not an easy LO to do!

  5. wauw dit is niet mis meis! wel heel erg vreemd dat het zo ineens is gegaan, en misschien maar goed dat ze zo klein was op dat moment, ze krijgen het wel mee, maar niet helemaal als je begrijpt hoe ik het bedoel. maar het zal je denk ik wel goed hebben gedaan om deze lo te maken! kon je eindelijk je ware gevoelens eens kwijt, vind het heel moedig dat je dit voor een publiekelijke uitdaging hebt gedaan!

    dikke knuffel van

  6. wow, wow, wow Peggy!!! THis is sooo fabulous on so many levels!!!

  7. What a creative lo! I love the stitches in the title:) I understand your feelings. Nobody should have to experience this.

    Ps. Thank you SO much for your kind words in my blog. I have a translatorbutton, so if you want, you can sort of read what i have written;)

    Have i nice sunday:))

  8. Tof dat je dat zo durft te maken. Je voelt de emoties zo in deze LO. Hij is wel geslaagd.

  9. zo dit is iets heel anders zeer gedurfd en heel apart. Maar wel heel mooi!

  10. wow, sweetie.. this is deep. I salute you for being able to put this on paper.. i dunno what to day. poor Chloe... wish I could hug her and you as well, right now. *hugs*..

  11. Hele gedurfde layout!
    Mooi en eens iets anders trouwens.
    Het past wel zeer goed bij de foto's en het drukt de juiste gevoelens uit.
    Gr Charlot

  12. Wow... I came for a visit from Jocelyns site.... I am so happy you found peace in her words... forgiveness is not so easy but I find there is freedom in it..... discard those important photos or just cut those people out.... It is okay but when you continue to feel these feelings only makes you miserable....Their life goes on as usual while you are saddened by the situation.... Your daughter is beautiful for someone to do this is no reflection on you but a bad choice on your brother in laws part.... Life goes on enjoy every second with your precious little one it flies by.... Hugs to you... I will be back to visit you more often. Love your blog. and I do love that layout... Very personal and courageous of you to share it with us.

  13. congrats on 2 things:

    becoming a GDT, and for being able to scrap something so deeply personal like this. thanks so much for sharing. I hope that one day you will be able to look back and be able to forgive them.

  14. i didn't know you had this in you!!!! this is amazing, though!!!

  15. Wow! Peggy!

    I have just come across this Layout and its message.

    This is the good thing about scrapbooking, its not all about the birds and flowers and good feelings, it also offers a way to express the bad feelings, or in your case the hate that is inside.

    Good on you for being honest and sharing this with all of us. Unfortunately you cant choose your family only your friends.......

    Cheers and {H}ugs