Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FROM SCREEN 2 SCRAP October Challenge

I managed to enter one challenge this month, though just in time...
I made the following LO for the "From Screen 2 Scrap" October Challenge, which was a beauty, and I had just the perfect pics! There were quite a few criteria to follow, but I managed to do them all (feeling pretty proud of myself right now LOL).

The translation of the title is "Careful", and the red dymo letters say: "Hold on tight" and "Use your hands and feet".

This picture tells it like it is!
Christina is perfectly happy at the bottom of the ropes. She has always been the kinda scared one.

Yannis would love to join Chloë at the top, but his careful nature spots too many dangers.
Chloë on the other hand ... Chloë doesn't see any danger. From the moment she could walk, she was climbing on every little thing (and I do mean every little thing), and that hasn't changed. This means I'm never at ease when we go to the playground. It seems I spend most of my time shouting for her to be careful, to hold on tight, because you see ... not only does she always climb to the highest point possible, she does this in a way that makes your heart just plain stop. She jumps from one rope to the other, letting go of both hands and feet at the same time... have fun baby girl, but please, be careful!

I didn't get any pics of her letting go of both hands and feet, because frankly, I was too busy holding my breath. To give you an idea of what it looks like when she does that, I added the image of the monkey... scary right?!!

I painted the background with watercolour paints on plain white cardstock. I like painting on watercolour paper better, but since I only wanted to create a background it didn't matter all that much that the paint dried to quickly for the colours to blend in nicely.
I handmade the title (with an ordinary yellow marker), and I stitched the red ropes which were out of the picture (inspired by the pyramid as part of the challenge - you gotta love those challenges, they provide so much inspiration!).

For me, this really is the perfect scrapbookpage, though it might not be as "beautiful" as some of the creations found on the net ... you know what I mean right, I'm not saying this page isn't beautiful, because I do think it is LOL, but it doesn't have that WOW factor. However, this is why I started scrapbooking, to tell a story made prettier with pictures, not the other way around. I'm so in love with this page. This is how I want my art journal to look like, if I ever have the nerve to start on one LOL.

Thanks for looking ladies, and thanks for your comments, I hardly say this often enough, but I do so appreciate all of you taking the time to do so!

Love xxx Peggy


  1. Just stunning! I love how you used the different elements to make things just pop off the page! Fantastic job!

  2. Peggy!!!! This is absolutely AMAZING my friend. The painting, stitching, all works together sooooo well. I love it! Beautiful page sweetie...just beautiful. :)
    - April

  3. Oh Peggy...this is truly a piece of art!!!! Love all the mediums and texture and detail!!! I could just go on and on!!!! I have spent several minutes just trying to take it all in!!!! I so love the story that you wrote!!!!! STUNNING...and what an artist you are!!!! :-)

  4. Dat heb je weer prachtig gedaan Peggy!! Alles past zo perfect bij elkaar! Je tekst vind ik ook super!!

    Saskia :)

  5. It doesn't has the WOW-factor????????
    Meid, deze layout heeft de WOWWOWWOWWOW-factor!!
    Hij is helemaal super!! Ik heb hem aangeklikt zodat ie meer dan beeldvullend op m'n beeldscherm verscheen en ik sta echt perplex. Zo gaaf!!!! De achtergrond, de journaling, de titel en dan het borduurwerk, h-e-l-e-maal te gek!!
    Ik bewonder je creativiteit, echt waar!!
    Ga zo door! hahaha..


  6. hello Peggy. long time since I've visited. I noticed your layout over at the challenge blog and when I saw the name Peggy, I knew instantly it was your lovely work. great layout. =)

  7. Peggy this is awesome! I am blown away! You are a true artist! thanks for sharing!

  8. i'm sorry....u don't think it has a WOW factor????? u are joking right??? cuz...seriously....that is what i said when i opened your blog tonight....WOW....seriously....WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that photo, the colors, the monkey....the title work....and loving your new avatar ... u hot momma! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. This is so brilliant Peggy!!!! I love the painted background and love love love how the red string blends in with your photograph! So amazing! You must have been so patient to do that!

  10. Nou, je hoort het al van anderen ook, maar serieus Peggy... dit is geweldig!! Je journaling, maar zeker ook de zelfgeschilderde achtergrond en de manier waarop je het klimrek doortrekt met borduurdraad... FREAKIN' FANTASTIC GIRL!!!!! En als ik geweten had dat je die zondag ook in Heesch was, had ik je zeker willen ontmoeten! (Ik zag Birgit + dames rondlopen maar zag niks "bekends") Ander keertje????

  11. This SOOOOOOO has WOW factor gf!!! Wow Peggy - you are just soooo creative and clever!! wow wow wow!!! The detail...mixed media- colour and WOW again!

    What a joy to behold!!

  12. wow, what fabulous techniques you have on this LO, peggy! I loooove how you extended the rope onto your layout, and that painted background is gorgeous!!

  13. HI Peggy, that layout is simply gorgeous!!!! The watercolor background is amazing, you are a true artist!!! You would so love art journaling because you love to draw and paint, you could do a BOM art journal! THanks so much for your kind comments on my blog, you always make me smile!! Your work is amazing and don't ever think otherwise. I wish I could draw and paint half as good as you!!