Monday, October 26, 2009


I have some exciting news, my very good friend Keandra, aka Kiwi the kreator, has started her very own kit club, KREATORVILLE KRAFTS, and I'm proud to be one of her designers!!!

Her first kit will be revealed and available for sale on November 21st. Now this kit isn't just like any other kit ... Keandra's kits will always include her handmade painted or glittered titles and embellishments! Those of you who know Keandra, know that she ALWAYS has the best titles and embellies on her LO's ... just check out her blog to see some of her awesome creations! And keep checking my blog and the other ladies' blogs in our team as well ... we'll be posting kit creations regularly!

If you are interested in putting our November kit (pics will be available shortly) on reserve, please email Keandra or Taj (our design team coordinator) at:
The kits cost $37.50 plus shipping for a one time purchase or $32.50 plus shipping for a 6 month subscription. Trust me, with the handmade titles and embellies, you won't be disappointed!
The Kreatorville Krafts blog will go live in a few days, so keep your eyes open! We'll have great prizes for people subscribing to the blog and/or kit!

Next to the kit club, this amazing lady has also started her very own etsy shop, Aptly Titled, where you can buy her titles and embellies seperately.
If you should buy a kit AND items from the etsy store, you can save on the shipping costs ... smart right! So go check out those titles ladies, I promise you, it'll be worth your time!

So, high time to show you some LO's I made with Keandra's titles.

This is my son Yannis, standing in the corner (his "time out") for the first time. We don't put him in the corner anymore, but he does still needs his time out's every now and then ...
Journaling: "On seeing this picture I was a bit shocked at how early on we put Yannis in the corner after having been naughty ... he was soooo young! I remember how surprised we were of him actually staying in the corner after we put him there ... We had expected him to just walk out when he decided he'd had enough. Yet, up until today, he still stays put until we give him permission to come out. It has proven to be an effective punishment though... usually he feels he's been accused unjustly, and he does need that time out to cool down before he's willing to listen to what we have to say"

Like I said in the journaling, i was really surprised at how young he was when we first started doing this, in this pic he's only about 18 months old. I do remember why though, he had hit his baby sister, Chloë, who was 3 months old at the time, on the head with this toys. I guess with Yannis it was all about having to grow up a bit too quickly ... he was only 2,5 years old when his second baby sister was born ... yes yes, you can do the math, I had three children in a period of 2,5 years time ... all I can say is, we had fun LOL.

I inked the wings with Ranger distress inks and covered them with glossy accents ... ah how I love the look of glossy accents!!!!!

Here's Yannis again, showing him at all ages from 0 to 5. I looooooove this LO, and it all came together so nicely. I actually worked around Keandra's title for this LO. Because of the multiple pics, and to show of that gorgeous yellow title, I decided to print the pics in black and white. I recently found the best tutorial ever for altering pics into black and white on Kimi's blog. You can find the tutorial here. Let me tell you, those pics are gorgeous in real life, Kimi knows what she's talking about. Of course, it takes a little more time than just simply pushing the "convert to black and white" button, but it's worth the effort, trust me on this! Anyway, I chose the colour of my cardstock to go with the title, and decided to use a red thread for the leaves to add some contrast. Now the red didn't show on the green cardstock, so I used some masking tape to fix that problem. Turned out pretty neat huh? I used Coordinations cardstock, so I put some chipboard numbers underneath the CS and started sanding away, which left the outline of the numbers on the CS ... I swear, I so love that CS. I then stitched around the outline, just to give it some extra dimension. After stitching the leaves, I decided the CS could do with some more sanding, leaving a "smear" here and there, but I unintentionally hit some of my sewing thread. I was all panicky at first (if you knew me, you'd know how panicky I can get when things don't go my way LOL), but ... I decided to sand on the rest of the thread as well, which gave it this really neat worn look ... gotta love happy mistakes (right Sharon?). That's about it I guess, expect for the yellow stitched frame ... I didn't think the LO looked finished, and again in coordination with the yellow title I stitched the yellow frame ... amazing how things can come together so quickly when you focus on one feature of the LO! And what better feature than Keandra's titles????

This is the first and probably last LO I have made in half an hour! I guess it shows too, but I don't mind, I love it. I love the look of it, the way all of the colours contrast, the doodled flowers and ... haha there's nothing more ... still, I love it!!! Chloë, who is featured on this LO, didn't like it, she thinks the LO is too plain. I blame it on her youth LOL, she doesn't like anything that isn't stuffed with goodies. I on the other hand love it ... did I say that already LOL??? I guess I'm saying it so often because this is the first LO I made after having lost my mojo (remember my previous post) ... The title says "summer freckles", which reminds me ... I should also mention that Keandra can also do custom titles... just mail her and she'll let you know the cost and extra time involved. She can ship up to 20 single or double word titles or graffiti letters in one flat envelope for a flat rate ($ 0.80).

Thanks for making it all down here ladies, you're the best!
Love xxx Peggy


  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! congrats on the dt...and those lo's are just amazing!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that title work! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Peggy,

    Wow... wat ben je creatief bezig geweest! Prachtig werk!! Heel leuk dat je zoveel knutselinspiratie uit je kinderen kan halen! :)


  3. Hey gefeliciteerd!!!! Super joh, ik ga er zeker een keer een kijkje nemen!! Prachtige LO's heb je gemaakt zeg, de kids blijven toch het leukste scraponderwerp niet??

  4. LOVE........all of these Peggy!!! You are such a talented artist!!!! I so enjoyed reading your blog and a BIG CONGRATS to you!!!! I am so very happy for you!!!!!! Have a FABULOUS week!!! :-)

  5. Wow, Peggy, congrats to you! Beautiful layouts as always, my friend. :)
    - April

  6. thanx for all the love sweetness!!!! tell chloe that lo had ME SPEECHLESS!!!! it really looks like a painting and it WAS my favorite...until i saw the one with the masking tape leaves featuring yannis!!!! oh my.....GOSH!!!!! i COMPLETELY stole that idea as soon as i saw it...that is true BRILLIANCE!!! SOOOO glad your mojo is back and RARING to go!!!!

  7. Wat een supermooie layouts weer, Peggy!! En zo origineel!! Mooi gebruik van masks en foto's op de eerste, en wat goed dat je deze manier van straffen hebt ingesteld en dat het werkte!!
    Geweldig idee om die tak met masking tape te maken, hoe kom je er op!!
    En dan layout nr. 3, zo simpel maar toch zo mooi! Die kleuren bij elkaar, die prachtige foto's en die grappige titel, helemaal top!!
    Een nieuwe Kit-club, ik kijk er naar uit ;-)! Helemaal met jou in het Design Team, gefeliciteerd!!!

    Liefs, Jenneke

  8. how exciting for your friend!!! :) can't wait to see the kits....

    and LOVE the latest! :)

    have a great week.


  9. Congrats Peggy!!! yay!!! Love your layouts and I'm so happy for you!!!

  10. 1- I love love love those layouts you did
    2- CONGRATS on th DT, she is lucky to have you
    3- Did I mention I think those layouts are killer??? : )
    Here's to a wonderful week my friend!

  11. Congrats on the DT!!! Stunning layouts! Love those wings on the first layout!!