Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love painting!

Some of you already know I'm following Marit's workshop "Let it Loose". Sadly the workshop has ended, but since I'm behind on my projects (duh, what's new???), I still have some fun projects to look forward to. I'll share the ones I've already made in a minute, but first I want to show you something else I have been working on. Ever since starting Marit's workshop, I have been obsessed with painting and using different mediums ... so much so, that I decided to take a workshop doing just that, painting on canvas using different mediums. Here's the result, my very first canvas painting:

Oh, I soooo love the result. Obviously I had a lot of help on this one from my teacher ... she showed me step by step what to do, and even told me which colours to use. For instance I was surprised to hear you always have to start with dark colours on the first layers, working your way to the lighter colours ... This was such a fun workshop and I'm so hooked, I can't wait to start on another one and see if I can pull this off working on my own ... keep your fingers crossed!

The picture in the middle shows my three kids. I love this picture! I printed it out with my ordinary inkjet printer on ordinary paper, which lead to a happy mistake. Once placing the paper on the gel medium, the black and white image turned green! Apparently I should have used a laserprinter to preserve the original colours. However, the green turned out pretty cool, so I don't mind. I'll keep this in mind in case I want to keep the original colours though ...

Here are the projects I made for Marit's workshop:

For this project we were asked to use a mask together with misting or painting ... I chose painting. Though at first I didn't like the blocks of colour (I like colours that blend...), the page grew on me and now I love it.

For this project we had to make our background using spray painted tissue paper glued to the page with gel medium ... I didn't look forward to this one. I don't have a lot of spray paint colours, and since I had never done anything like this, I didn't know what to expect. However, once I finally started working on it, I fell in love with this technique. The picture really doesn't capture just how beautiful that background really is.

This is my abolute favorite page made as a result from Marit's workshop. We were told to alter the colours of a picture, changing the existing colours in the complementary colours. I would never ever have come up with anything like this on my own, and when I first read the prompt, I didn't have a clue how to start on this one. Marit's example was inspirational though, and going through my quotes and reading this one I used, I remembered I had just the right picture to use for this prompt. Don't you just love how this turned out?? Who would have thought changing the colours could create such an awesome effect?

You might be interested to know that, thanks to the huge success of her first online workshop "Let it Loose", Marit has decided to give it again, starting May 3rd. I have so enjoyed this workshop (well, I'm still enjoying it LOL), so I can honestly and without hesitation recommend it to all of you who feel the need to let it loose every now and then! Registration for her new workshop "A Creative Art Journey" starting May 7th is also open. Check out her blog for more info.

I have to start on dinner now, but you all know what I'm gonna do after that ... right, play with my paints again LOL!

Talk to you later ladies, enjoy the rest of the weekend!
xxx Peggy


  1. Oh Peggy.....these are all awesome..I so adore the first one...I did not know that you start with the darker color and then go lighter....see you taught me something today!!

    All of the projects for Marit's class are Fabulous...I have to back over and leave you comments...I have not finished my book either...Are you taking her next class?

    I just adore the painted looks like you can reach in and touch your family!!

    You are one talented wish I had half of your artistic ability!!!

    I have missed you....wish we lived across the street from one another....hope all is well with the family and give the kiddos a big HUG from me!!! I can see why you LOVE PAINTING!!!! I LOVE YOUR PAINTING TOO!!!!!

  2. Tjonge, je blogt niet vaak maar ALS je het doet dat doe je het ook goed!! Wat ziet dit er allemaal prachtig uit zeg!!! Je eerste canvas is echt helemaal super, schitterend gewoon!! Wat een talent heb jij zeg..
    En je pagina's van Marit's workshop zijn stuk voor stuk plaatjes! Ik hou van je kleurgebruik en je teksten!
    Ben je nu helemaal 'into the painting'?? Niet vergeten te scrappen hoor, hihi...

    groetjes, Jenneke

  3. these ara ll just gorgeous I love the canvas stunning.

  4. Thanks for sharing all your work Peggy, I loved hearing about all the techniques your learnt and the art it inspired you to make. I especially loved your 'Joy' piece the second I saw it! And that last one with the colours changed is just genious! I'm off to check out this class - sounds awesome :)

  5. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Peggy!!! these are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I am just blown away!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee them all!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):)):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Wow Peggy! Wat een prachtig canvas!
    De foto van je kids is zo mooi. Eerst dacht ik dat het een vintage plaatje was. Dit is echt waardevol. En je pagina's van Marit's workshop zijn stuk voor stuk PLAATJES! Je hebt echt talent!

    Groetjes, Angèle

  7. Je eerste canvas painting is werkelijk prachtig..jaw dropping gorgeous :)

    En je art journal pagina`s had ik natuurlijk al bij Marit gezien maar ze zijn echt mooi gemaakt. Vooral de laatste pagina spreekt me erg aan!

    Een hele fijne week toegewenst, groetjes Viv

  8. wowowowowow Peggy! I just love love love your canvas painting! It's just awesome! So inspiring! And thank you for being such a sweetie and leaving all those comments on my blog! Love what you're doing with the paint!

  9. de canvas is echt prachtig peggy!!! en wat een super mooie foto van je kinderen!!! je art journals had al gezien, maar nogmaals ik vind ze schitterend...ben erg benieuwd naar je volgende pagina's voor marit's workshop!

  10. Wow Peggy... wat een grandioos schilderij!!! Ik ben echt sprakeloos... en blij dat ik een kleine bijdrage heb kunnen leveren waardoor je aan het schilderen bent geslagen. Je hebt talent meissie!!!! Je pagina's voor de workshop zijn geweldig, maar dat zei ik al eerder. Vooral de laatste is heel bijzonder, je had hier geen betere foto voor kunnen nemen! En dank voor de lieve reclame die je voor me maakt...!!! Ik wens je een zonnige week!

  11. This workshop has obviously paid off for you! Every single one of these projects is just fabulous, but I share your partiality. The page of your family walking is absolutely stunning and worthy of a special place on your wall!

  12. wow!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!


  13. Ooh canvas is gewoon super !!! Vooral de oude "look" vind ik mooi. Je art journal pagina's had ik natuurlijk al bij Marit gezien. Ik vind ze allemaal prachtig. Vooral de laatste, de kleuren, de foto en journaling, geweldig !!!! Ben benieuwd naar je volgende pagina's. Zelf ben ik bezig met les # 10 en dan nog de omslag dus je bent niet de enige die het nog niet af heeft.
    Een heel fijn weekend!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What beautiful, fabulous, intense paintings my dear. You are one heck of an artist and I also want to thank you for sharing the little tip on starting dark and going lighter. love them all.
    Thank you for all the sweet comments you have left me, you're the best! Have a wonderful week. (((((BIG hugs)))))

  15. Wat een prachtige werken allemaal! Heerlijk hè, met verf werken! Ik vind vooral de bovenste canvas schitterend! Zo mooi gelaagd en verweerd.

  16. I love your journal page!!! I didn't know you had to start with dark colors and work your way to light either, why is that? I'm always too lazy to read about techniques which is probably why I don't always get them right! haha

  17. What talent you have for art , Peggy ! gorgeous work !!!

  18. Oh that bottom one esp is truely magical I love it!