Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kreatorville Kraft March Kit and then some...

Hello ladies,

The Kreatorville Krafts March Kit has arrived, and it's a beauty! Head on over to the KK blog to see the full reveil!

Here's the first project I made using the march kit. I made my very first vintage LO, and though I'm not a vintage kind of girl , (I like it, don't get me wrong, I just don't seem to be able to create one myself) I'm pretty proud of this LO!

When I saw these papers, I just knew they would be perfect for the vintage picture I have from my grandparent's wedding day, and I was right. I so love the result, even though it's a simple LO as far as techniques and embellies are concerned. Keandra's papers and alphas made it easy to create the perfect feel for this page. Thanks Kean, for making me create out of my comfort zone!

When Kean shipped the march kit to me, she included some goodies for my girls ... did I tell you already what a sweetie she is ... yeah, I'm sure I did! Here are some pics of the girls playing with their new treasures, just look at those happy faces:

The bear goes swimming wearing his pearls and bathing cap, which actually is her glove LOL. Her resourcefulness and imagination always impresses me...

Bling Bling Bear ...

An original where to carry Baby Bear around ...

Thanks Kean, for making my babies happy!

Though the Kreatorville Krafts March Kit is up and running, I still have some February kit projects I haven't shown you yet. Again I went way out of my comfort zone and made two altered projects. Again, not too difficult to begin with for first attempts, but both projects make me happy looking at them, especially the altered quotes book.

My second project was turning this ...

... into this ...

And for those who don't recognize me, yes, that's me in that picture, some 20 years ago (big heardo and all...). My best friend didn't even recognize me ... she thinks I look "unapproachable" in this pic, and I think she was being polite LOL. I like it though, it reminds me of "slimmer and wrinkle-free" times LOL.

I've also been working on some art journal pages ... yes, I've been creative these last weeks! And those of you who know me a little by now, know that hasn't been good for my pile of ironing, which apparently, if one doesn't iron every now and then, steadily keeps on growing LOL. However, this has been a long post already, so I think I'll post those one of these days.

On a final note I would like to thank all of you who left me encouraging comments on my canvas painting in my previous post. I was really nervous about putting it here for everyone to see, and your sweet words did me the world of good!!!

Talk to you later ladies!
Love xxx Peggy


  1. Some really lovely projects you have there Peggy! I love the frame at the end too, nice job. I was so excited to show the kiddos the Mardi Gras beads and animals Kean sent for them, Monkeyboy walked around with the whole pile on for a while! :)

  2. I love your layouts, but I loved your altered items even more! Especially the quotes book, it looks so elegant and stylish and those papers actually coordinate really well (something I wouldn't have thought of myself). Looking forward to seeing your art journal pages..... although perhaps you should do some ironing?!

  3. Oh sweet friend...I love this LO of your grandparents.....it is just perfect!!! The frame is awesome and you two are just toooooo hot!!!! Love the pic of you!!!!

    The girls are just precious....please send them a big Hug from me...and I love Bling Bling Bear!!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!!!

  4. What a great layout Peggy! Beautiful as always my friend. :)
    I hope that things are amazing in your life these days. I sure miss talking to you sweetie! HUGE hugs coming your way...
    - April

  5. I soooooooooooooo love your projects peggy!! they are GORGEOUS!! love the big hair...I had that too!!! LOL!!! And love love love love love the presents she sent...how sweet! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Je eerste vintage layout! En wat voor één, prachtig gewoon!! Ik zou haast willen zeggen, kan ook niet anders met dat mooie papier. Dat zou een compliment zijn voor de kit van Keandra (verdiend!!) maar dat zou jouw creativiteit teniet doen en dat is absoluut niet de bedoeling!!
    Wat ik een voordeel vind van het werken met een kit, is dat je de behoefte hebt om ieder snippertje papier nog te gebruiken! Want het past allemaal zo goed bij elkaar!! Je gepimpte quote-boek en je fotolijstje zijn superleuk geworden!! Toevallig had ik hetzelfde idee, je zult het binnenkort wel zien ;-)

    Nou meid, ik wens je een fijne woensdag toe, ga lekker creatief bezig en laat de strijk de strijk. Die ligt er morgen nog wel, hoor! Hihi..


  7. Love your daughters red hair! Gorgeous.

    Your alter projects are just Great Peggy.
    You look like somekind of moviestar on that photo!

  8. Wow..je eerste vintage LO en je bent geen vintage girl!!!Nou wow..echt super hoor Peggy!Heel mooi die disstressed look en die uitgeknipte bloemen en kandelaar!Gaaf!En wow..ook helemaal mooi dat quote boekje!Wat heb je die mooi gealterd!Gaaf al die papiertjes bij elkaar!
    En die lijst..super!Wat een mooi foto!Ja..soms zou ik ook nog wel even terug gaan naar de slankere en rimpelvrije mij..;)maar goed, we zijn nu wijzer toch?! Dat is ook wat waard, en ach, die rimpels, die komen gewoon door het lachen ;)Zo leuk zijn wij ;) LOL!
    Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je Art Journal pages!
    Wat lief van Keandra dat ze je kids wat gestuurd heeft!Prachitge kids!
    Heel erg bedankt voor al je lieve reacties op mijn blog!
    Nou. heel veel succes met de strijk!
    xxx, Jeanet

  9. Bling bling bear is KILLING me!!! The girls are SOO funny!!! Looks like I'll have to send Yannis something special next time...looks like his sisters swiped EVERYTHING from him!!!

  10. I love how your frame turned out! Really pretty. And your cutwork on your LO is perfect. Gorgeous.

  11. As a vintage gal myself, I've got to say you can really just do it all! The pop of red is just such genius, and the photos of your girls are so darling. I love, love, love the photo frame... just gorgeous! Maybe by unapproachable, your friend meant beautiful! I have noticed that those things are sometimes interchangeable!

    Your comment meant the world to me Peggy. Thank you so very much.

  12. Peggy, Wat ben je weer creatief bezig geweest! Super!!!

    Lieve groetjes, Saskia :)

  13. wow, Peggy, you already know how I feel about your work. it's so artsy. I love your LO and agree those papers went perfectly.

    I love your altered stuff as well. I'm still a bit of a chicken about entering that world just yet. :)

  14. o wow Peggy! The frame is such a clever idea and the layout turned out perfect ! Your girls are indeed VERY happy ! LOL! :)

  15. Wow Peggy... some beautiful layouts and projects!!! A "quote book"... aaaahhh, I should do that myself (where do I get the time??? But I WILL, I hardly ever iron....!!!) I wish you very happy Easter days!

  16. Je eerste vintage LO, en dan is dit het resultaat?? Geweldig :) Prachtig al die oude foto`s!

    Je fotolijste is erg mooi geworden, ik vind het altijd leuk om foto`s van een aantal jaren terug te zien...net of je terug gaat in de tijd!

    Een hele fijne week toegewenst, Viv

  17. HI PEGGY! Ik heb net een berg strijkgoed weggewerkt en moest heeeeeel erg aan jou denken :) Alles goed? Heb een fijne zondag!

  18. your layout blew me away, peggy. too beautiful for words.

  19. ¡Qué lindos trabajos! sería bueno que tuvieras un traductor dentro de tu blog para poder leer las explicaciones las personas que te visitamos de otros países. Muchos cariños, desde Argentina!

  20. Ooooh Peggy!! I've been away tooooo long!!!
    What wonderful things you have been up to and created!!!!

    I LOVE the pic of you from your younger years!!! LOL we all were once slimmer and wrinkle free heh heh!!

    I still marvel over you creativeness!!!
    You truly are amazing my friend!!!!!