Friday, May 28, 2010

We stick together

I always have trouble coming up with a blog title. I would love to be able to make it a witty one, a catchy one, hey, I'd settle for an interesting one ... but ... it's just not in me! So, I chose to use the title of this LO:

This is hubby and me in our younger years, not even 20 years old *sigh*. It seems like yesterday ... unfortunately the mirror tells me otherwise LOL! I used my beloved Kreatorville Krafts May kit to make this LO, except for the envelope, that was part of the January kit. That goreous pink frame can be purchased at Kean's etsy shop "Aptly Titled". To me, this splash of colour was just what this LO needed. I looooove the result!

The bird gave me inspiration for the title. Originally I had planned to use the other lyrics to the song as well, you know the "I'm sticking to my guy like a stamp to a letter" ... hence the envelope with the stamps (which I rather thought was clever LOL). However, I ran out of place to put it LOL, so I decided the "like birds of a feather" would have to do... so much for being clever, right :-)))

Last weekend, we had our first few consecutive days of good weather ... finally!!! I was actually getting a bit depressed, I mean, it's the end of May already, we should have seen plenty of sunshine by now!!! And to me, life is always sweeter when the sun is shining. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long, but we did have a nice weekend. We spent most of the weekend with my best friend Vicky and her hubby Bart.

Vicky and me

Kurt and Bart

And look what we're doing here ... that's right, we're scrapping!!! Not so much of a surprise that I'm scrapping, but Vicky is now officially a scrapper as well!!!! My best friend turned to the dark side whoahaaaaa!!!! She's loving it, and she actually cancelled a few appointments for next weekend to give her some free time to scrap ... sounds familiar LOL?????? I'm so excited we'll be sharing our hobby now!!

Even the kids were scrapping ... and yes, that is my son on the left there, scrapping as well!!! His dad is soooo proud (notice the sarcasm?? LOL). He actually did a pretty good job and he was able to finish his LO (which, if you know Yannis, actually is kind of a big deal!!!). He felt so proud and made me promise to put it on my blog, so here it is:

Not bad, right??? He's never been very good at crafting, cutting, glueing and that kind of stuff, so for him this really is quite something! Feeling pretty proud here (even if his dad isn't all that impressed LOL).

Talk to you later ladies, enjoy the weekend!
xxx Peggy


  1. Oh Peggy I just adore the LO...that birdie is adorable and the pic....ahhhhhh...PERFECT!!

    Love that you had some wonderful weather and that you and your bestie are now scrapping awesome!!!

    Love your son's LO...he did a wonderful job!!

    Wishing you a Perfect weekend!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Wat een héérlijke post, Peggy!! Die geweldige layout (die ik al geprezen heb op het blog van Kreatorville Kraft) en die zalig zomerse foto's!! Zo leuk, die foto van jou en je vriendin! En wat fijn dat ze nu ook aan het scrappen is, lijkt me echt het toppunt van gezelligheid: scrappen met je beste vriendin! Geniet ervan!

    En wat leuk dat Yannis een layout gemaakt heeft! Ik vind 'm helemaal super, helemaal mijn kleurtjes!!
    Super gedaan, Yannis!!!

    Fijn weekend, Peggy!


  3. Dat ziet er gezellig uit. Wat leuk dat je vriendin ook aangestoken is met het scrap-virus, en zelfs je zoon! Hij heeft het talent van zijn moeder geërfd! ;-)

    Jij hebt ook een mooie gemaakt hoor. Leuk met die verf-accenten en de hartjes. En het frame is er inderdaad super bij! Ik heb de mei kit vandaag gekregen, hij is echt heel leuk!

  4. Look at all the newbie scrappers on your blog today!! Good for them to at least try, especially Yannis! Looks like you all had fun.

  5. wat gezellig zo met zn allen scrappen en dan ook nog buiten met dat mooie weer van vorig weekend! mooie lo heb je weer gemaakt, leuk met de hartjes en het envelopje!!!je zoon heeft ook een mooie lo gemaakt. leuk om te zien dat jongens ook scrappen leuk kunnen vinden!

  6. Love to see the younger girls scrapping too. Love the top layout and photo of your younger days.

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just love love love love love love your lo...and sooooooooooooo loving your son's lo!! I miss your daughter playing along with FAVE THINGS!! Hope she is still scrapping too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Your bird is sooo cute, i love the green paint on this LO too.
    I adore you nice weather pics, Ive been trying for 2 weekends now to set the kiddie pool but everytime it rains b4 it can get warm for play. ;(
    I have a tough time with blog titles too.

  9. Aaaah Peggy, wat fijn om een foto te zien met de zon op je gezicht! Ja, wij genoten er ook van - hopen dat de zon snel terugkomt want vandaag was het een en al regen en wind en onweer! Sorry dat ik jou blog (en alle anderen trouwens ook) een beetje verwaarloos de laatste tijd. IK heb het vreselijk druk!! Met leuke dingen - meest "scraprelate" - dingen, dat wel, maar tijdrovend..... Maar een snelle blik op je layout zegt me dat je "het" nog steeds in de vingers hebt en dat het gen ook in je zoon zit!!! YIHAAAA!!!

  10. Hé wat leuk, allemaal aan de scrap (behalve de mannen dan...).

    Love the paint and the birdy on the layout!

    Tja die "oude" foto is natuurlijk top. Dat zijn de herinneringen om vast te leggen middels scrapbooking.