Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, Monday

Monday ... the beginning of yet another week. Time sure flies ... it's almost June already, the last month of school. After that, the kids will be home for two entire months! It seems like this school year has just begun, how can it be ending already??? I'm getting old so fast, and lately that fact has been hitting me hard. Is it because I'm going on 40 (well actually, I'll be 39 coming next January, but that's still pretty close to 40, right?)?? Is this what they have been talking about all along when talking about midlife crisis???? Because really, I actually never thought it would bother me all that much, numbers don't say that much to me. I always say I'm still waiting to grow up LOL. It seems to me that my mom at my age was much more of a grown-up than I am or ever will be. I have a home, children, a pet, bills to pay ... well, lots of responsibilities in life. So why do I still feel like a 20 year old??? However, lately my body has been telling me, not even all that subtle, that I am by no means a 20 year old! And time seems to be passing me by. I feel I should soak up every little detail of the moment, but I can't, it's all going too fast. It's like my brain isn't able to keep up with the pace. My beautiful children are growing up so fast, and I can't shake the feeling I'm not registering that fact consciously enough. They're growing up right in front of me, I should notice every little change they're going through, but I feel that I'm always one step behind. Am I not paying enough attention?

Okay, I have no idea where this came from!!! I was actually just going for a simple introduction to show you my latest work. Now there's proof of how disorganized my brain works, right? Just be grateful I didn't start on "the meaning of life" ... I can go on and on about that one LOL.

So let's just move on to showing you a LO I made with the Kreatorville Krafts May Kit. If you'd like to know more about how this LO came to be, check out my post over at KK!

This is my gorgeous red headed girl Chloë, who's 9 already ... again, where has the time gone??? In these pics she was almost 9 months old and she just learned how to sit up straight all by herself. This made her so happy, it opened up a whole new world for her, hence the title. I used my paints again to create this background. All of my May projects for KK have been painted on one way or the other. I can't seem to help it, right now, all images/ideas that pop up into my head include painting. I've noticed I've gone through several phases like this before, so I'm sure this will pass ... or will it???

I had so much fun painting, I actually (and finally) was able to finish another page for "One Year in The Life of an Art Journal". I'm so behind, but eager to get caught up. Prompt #3 (yes, prompt 3 ... told you I was behind!!!) was all about "The Unknown". This prompt could be interpreted in so many ways! Like for example wouldn't it be nice to know all there is to know about medicin, so that we could cure every disease possible?? Or wouldn't it be nice if I knew all there was to know about so many topics ... that way, I wouldn't lose every time I played Trivial Persuit LOL????? But the more I thought about it, the more it made me think of the future. Sometimes I think it would be nice to know things beforehand, that way maybe I would stop making some of the mistakes I make. However, thinking about it more, made me realize I don't think I would be very happy knowing the future, knowing all that's about to take place before it happens. What if I learned that I would survive all of my loved ones? Or the opposite, what if I learned that I had only so much time to live? Doesn't sound like much fun to me. And if we knew all there is to know, would we still have goals, and would we truly know happiness once we reached them??? I don't think I would handle knowing the future very well, so this way is fine by me.

Back to the journal page then, I guess it wasn't a big step to go from knowing the future to using the image of a fortune teller ...

I searched the net for images and combined some of them to draw in my art journal book. I used my watercolour paints to colour in the page and my black marker to finish it off.

The prompt also included using the stitching technique. It took me some time to figure out how to incorporate stitching into this page ... I didn't really think stitching on this page would look good somehow. Then the idea of adding beads to her head scarf popped into my head, and it actually ended up looking really cool!

I also used some stitching thread to "hold back" the curtains.

On this last image, you can see very clearly that I used some acrylic paint to dry brush some strokes over the entire page to soften up the image (I think you'll be able to see it clearly when you click on the entire page as well). The colours were pretty bright, and it kind of ruined the mystical effect I was going for. Going over the painting with a dry brush turned down the brightness and really pulled all of it together. If there's one colour you should have in your acrylic paint's collection, it's "Buff Titanium", even if it's for this purpose only!

I'll leave you with some pics of our weekend. The kids had their annual school festival this weekend, and it was fun seeing them perform.

Here's Yannis on the catwalk, modelling clothing they made themselves out of plastic bags and fabrics.

Chloë was part of a band playing on home made instruments ... really cute!

Christina took part in the circus performance. She's the one on the far right, standing on her hands. She did really well!

And I couldn't resist adding this picture ... makes me sick just looking at it. The kids loved it though!

Have a nice week my friends,
Love xxx Peggy


  1. Je hebt gelijk...het leven vliegt voorbij ik hoor het iedereen zeggen.
    Wat een mooie LO en gave Journal pagina, die is echt helemaal geweldig..leuk hoe je de kraaltjes hebt verwerkt!

    Fijne week nog! Groetjes, Viv

  2. Wow..Peggy...waar zal ik es beginnnen? ;)
    Ik kan me je gevoel helemaal voorstellen, vooral dat je je 20 voelt, maar dat je lichaam je iets totaal anders vertelt!!!Ik heb inderdaad hetzelfde, ik voel me ook niet zo "verantwoordelijk volwassen", toen ik 20 was vond ik 40 echt oud en de mensen die 40 waren, ook veel meer volwassen dan ik nu ;)Soms denk ik inderdaad dat ik niet ouder wordt, behalve wanneer ik mijn leeftijd moet invulen (au)
    Maar goed als je maar geniet van het leven en je kids en dat je ook! Als ik jou lieve berichtjes over je kinderen lees en als ik je mooi kunstwerken zie die je van ze maakt, denk ik dat het wel meevalt hoor Peggy!
    Je layout is prachtig, net als altijd!En wat een mooie roodharige dochter!!
    |En je art journal is ge-wel-dig!!!!Wat super creatief, de tekening is fantastisch en die bedeltjes...WOW!!
    Maar vooral ook je verhaal erbij...precies wat ik ook voel!!
    Super Peggy!!
    En wanneer spreken we af in Heesch!!!!Ik ben er helemaal voor in samen met Jenneke!!!
    Niet te lang wachten toch?!

  3. Loveeeeeeeee that lo and loving that gypsy page!!! those beads are perfect!!! And loving loving loving the photos!! Sooooooooo fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Jeetje Peggy, jij bent echt goed met verf!!!
    Geweldige layout en art-journal(super die kraaltjes).

    Mooi handschrift trouwens.

  5. Very cute layout (90 degrees). Really like the photo of her looking up...draws you into the layout.

  6. Wat een filosofische overpeinzingen Peggy... ik ga er helemaal in mee hoor! Zal ik eens iets verklappen...? Ik ben 46-en-een-half en heb "hormoon issues" (het woord is mooier dan de praktijk...) en ik VOEL me 19... (behalve als ik de trap op moet rennen...)
    Ik zou uuuuuren door kunnen gaan en met je babbelen over "the meaning of life" en zo, maar dan wordt dit commentaartje te lang. Uhhhmmmm, zal ik dan ook maar naar Heesch komen???

  7. Peggy I know exactly what you mean about time seeming to fly by. My hubs says it all the time. We worry that next thing you know we'll be 60!!! I want to savour every moment but it just seems like after working full time every day the weekends really fly by. I need to win the lotto!!! haha Your art journal page is AMAZING!!!!! You are so talented and I am in awe of your drawing and painting skills!!! I have alot of practicing to do and little time to do it, ack!!!

  8. Oh what great pics, peggy! and I love your journal page and that LO is SO cute! I adore the title! isn't it fun to go back and scrap baby pics long after the fact (that's the story of my life lol). I hear you on the birthday front - i'm only a few years behind you, and it definitely brings on a new reflecting period!

  9. wat een prachtige lo!!! de achtergrond is erg mooi en leuk al die gekleurde letters!!! je journal page is ook super, erg mooie tekening!!!
    en ja waar blijft de tijd, de dagen, weken, maanden...ze vliegen voorbij zonder dat je het in de gaten hebt!