Saturday, June 12, 2010

LO's, awards and a little request ...

I've been sick. I guess it's no big surprise, one day we're running around in our bikinis playing water games to cool down, the next day we're pretty close to getting our winter coats back out of the closet ... it was bound to happen to one of us! This time around, I was the lucky winner :-( Good news is, I finally caught up on some sleep LOL. There's always a silver lining, right?!

I finished my last LO with the Kreatorville Krafts May kit. I made 6 LO's with this kit, and I still have so many supplies left! It amazes me every time!!

I decided to make a double spread about our new cars. I started out with the right page, probably because that's one featuring our brandnew car, and I was eager to scrap it LOL. It's the first "new" car we have ever owned, all of our previous cars were used cars.

To all of the skeptics out there who dislike Skoda (did anyone watch that programme on TV where this woman in serious financial troubles announced she wouldn't drive a Skoda, even is she was given one for free!!!), I'd like to say, "get over it!!!". It's a gorgeous car and it drives heavenly! I'm totally and utterly in love with it. It's also the most luxurious car we have ever owned. Well, I call it luxurious, but in reality it has options most of our friends already have had for years ... however, it's all new to us, so we're pretty excited. I wrote all of the things I love most about the car in the little hearts. Well, actually I'll have to add some, because I forgot one or two things. The things I love most about the car is the leather interior, our parking distance control (real useful!!!) and the GPS. Especially that last feature is worth it's money as far as I'm concerned! I don't have any sense of direction whatsoever!!!! I mean it, you wouldn't believe how many times I've been on the highway only to find out I was driving in the wrong direction!!! And then the panic kicks in!! Yes, I'm a panicker, always sure I won't be able to find my way home. My heart skips a few beats every time I find there is a detour of some sort, and those of you living in Belgium know this happens a lot!!!! So, no more panicking, oh what a relief!!!

Now, it had been a while since I had made a double spread, and I was having trouble coming up with a matching design for the left page. So I was thrilled to find that the June sketch over at Kreatorville Krafts was just perfect for my left page. Here's the sketch:

and here's what I did with it:

I pretty much followed the sketch, only replacing the embellie with a picture. The black car on top, the Volkswagen Sharan, was our previous car. We have always loved that car, and with three small children it met all of our needs. I was actually pretty sad to see it go. However, it had seen better times and it was high time to replace it, however much it hurt (both in our hearts and our wallet!!!).

The middle car is the new car my mom and dad bought last month, also a Skoda, but a slightly smaller model than we have. The bottom car, the blue Opel Corsa, was their previous car, and they generously offered to give it to us!!!!! How awesome is that! We went from having almost no car (because of the repairs) to two cars! Though I wouldn't go as far as to saying we needed two cars, I have to admit it's convenient to say the least. With all the hobbies, birthday parties to go to, etc... we often found ourselves having to cancel one thing or the other because we just couldn't get there.

I hope you'll be able to play along with us using the sketch this month. Just upload your LO using the sketch to our Flickr Group, you have until the end of the month. Please add "June sketch" to your title. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Onto some other happy things now. I received this award from my sweet friend Mirjam ...

I haven't know her for that long, we met during Marit's online workshop, but I'm so glad we found each other. She's a real sweetie, and she's got heaps of talent! She makes LO's as well as card, and all of her creations are stunning! Take a look at her blog if you have some spare time, I think you'll like it there!

On receiving this award, I'm supposed to tell you all a little bit about myself. However, I talk sooooo much, I think most of you know me pretty well by now! I'll share one little thing with you though ... though you wouldn't think so, I'm a pretty shy person. Even my friends don't always believe this to be true, because I don't always act shy, but believe me, I am! When I meet people for the first time, I'm terrified to even open my mouth!!! However, once someone starts talking to me, they have a hard time shutting me up LOL. Now I'm sure you'll believe that!
Thanks Mirjam for this beautiful award! I'd like to pass it on to Jenneke, Jeanet, Natalie, Loes and Petra.

And I would also like to thank Renee for giving me this award:

Thanks sweetie! I'm supposed to pass it on to twelve people (?!!!), so I decided for this award to choose those ladies who never fail to leave me a comment, who are always encouraging me with friendly words and who are always leaving me feeling loved from a distance ...: Jenneke, Marit, Mirjam, Petra, Vivian, Jocelyn, Julie, Natalie, Angèle, Loes, Staci and of course the lovely Jeanet.

Finally, do you remember me talking about my best friend Vicky in my previous post? She started scrapping a few weeks ago, and I think she's already more addicted than I am! I persuaded her to start her own blog, so she could have a place to keep all of her work so she could see her progress right from the beginning. And of course, also so she could meet all of you lovely ladies ... oh yes, I have been talking (a lot) about our little community, telling her how wonderful it is to be a part of it. She has just posted her very first scrap ever, and I know she would love for you to come and visit, and maybe leave her a little comment? We all started out this way, and do you remember how it felt, receiving those first ever comments, and seeing the list of followers grow??? So, if you feel like saying some inspiring words to a beginning scrapper, just click here. Thanks ladies, I appreciate it!

Until next time!
Love xxx Peggy


  1. Wat een GOED idee om foto´s/layout te maken van je auto´s. Leuk voor later!
    Ga ik ook doen :)

    Ik herken het verhaal betreffende paniek in de auto! Heb ik ook "last" van, zelfs met GPS!

    Nu hop ik snel over naar Kreator en de nieuwe site van je vriendin.

  2. Peggy, wat ben ik blij dat je weer beter bent!!
    Welcome back ;-)!!

    Gefeliciteerd met jullie nieuwe auto!! Hij ziet er schitterend uit, mooi glanzend nog!! En ja joh, wat maakt het uit welk merk het is, het is de bedoeling dat ie je veilig en comfortabel van A naar B brengt, toch? Leuk, je spread!

    Dankjewel voor je awards! En ik ben ook al even bij je vriendin 'op visite' geweest hoor!

    Fijn weekend!!!!!


  3. Ooh, bedankt voor je awards! Wat lief!

    Ik had niet verwacht dat jij zo verlegen bent! Op je blog heb je altijd hele verhalen (en ook nog in het Engels, petje af!). Ach, ik kijk ook altijd eerst de kat uit de boom. Men zegt vaak dat ik veel te bescheiden ben.

    Ik vind het zo herkenbaar, die paniek in de auto! Het liefst laat ik iemand anders rijden, maar soms moet ik wel eens. Ik ben dan ook zooo blij met onze TomTom! Gisteren moest ik ook weer op pad. Er was een omleiding, dus ik moest ook nog omrijden. Ik was zooo gestresst, maar het scheelde wel dat ik TomTom mee had.

    Mooie lay-outs zijn dit weer. Een stuk strakker dan ik van jou gewend ben, maar niet minder mooi! Leuk idee om de tape uit de kit voor de journalling te gebruiken.

    En ik heb ook even een berichtje achter gelaten op de blog van Vicky.

    Fijn weekend! Loes

  4. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I love love love love love those lo's!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! Awesome colors and loveeeeeeeee that u did lo's on your cars!! WAY COOL!! And thanks for the award my dearest...i am off to check your friends blog! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Wow, Peggy...prachtige layouts!!Heel mooi hoe je dat Sass papier hebt gebruikt!En wat een mooie auto's,die merken maken mij ook niets uit, als 'ie maar goed rijdt en jullie auto ziet er fantastisch uit!Wat lief van je ouders om jullie hun auto te schenken...gaaf hoor!En ja GPS, de beste uitvinding voor mij ;),ik ben ook zón muts die altijd verkeerd rijdt, totaal geen richtingsgevoel ;)
    Heel erg bedankt voor je mooie awards Peggy!!
    Ga even bij je vriendin kijken!

  6. Wat een leuke Lo`s heb je gemaakt van je auto`s....ziet er goed uit!!!!

    Heel erg bedankt voor de award, ben ik altijd blij mee :)

    Nu ga ik nog even naar het blog van je vriendin, altijd leuk he als je iemand aan het scrappen krijgt!!

    Fijne week, groetjes Viv

  7. ik begin helemaal te blozen door het stukje over mij:):):)super lief! en bedankt voor de sunshine award!
    je auto lo's zijn helemaal gaaf, mooie kleuren en papieren!!!

  8. Its so sweet of you to mention your friends blog! Bless you heart! And I love how you managed to put so many photos in the car layout

  9. Hi Peggy, thank you for visiting my blog and for following! Congrats on your new cars!

  10. hi Peggy!

    it's been a while since I've visited :(

    Thanks bunches for your comment. I hope to see a layout or 2 of yours doing a prompt!!! Trust me, once you dive in, you will not regret it. :D

    glad you're feeling better, and congrats on the new cars!!! Yay!!!

  11. congrats on buying a reasonable car instead of something crazy expensive and useless in 5 year.